World’s smallest Data Acquisition Systems, world’s best results

The advanced measurement solution that revolves around a real world understanding of testing, DTS products are designed with expertise that makes them more than just data acquisition systems.
DTS produce custom systems and solutions that enable revolutionary testing and data recording.

DTS have worked alongside military and defence sectors to unite their products and expertise with those looking into areas such as blast and explosion testing, biomechanics, human injury and vehicle crashing.

Testing solutions that enable safety, durability, and knowledge in critical environments, global award winners in test and measurement solutions, THP Systems are your proud UK exclusive distributor of DTS. A team of engineers and experienced in environmental testing, THP Systems support test equipment training, test equipment calibration and repair of DTS products.

With products aiding the U.S Army and U.S Marine Corps, DTS data acquisition products are trusted by Fortune 500 leaders, over 25 countries and leading companies and figureheads in varying markets. DTS data acquisition, sensors, shock recorders and in-dummy solutions are products that help testing be at as real world like as possible, custom to your needs.

THP Systems are experts in guiding a variety of industries and markets to their ideal environmental testing solution, including DTS.


Although they are the world’s smallest data acquisition systems, DTS Slice Micro and Slice Nano have twice the memory, longer batter life, lower power, higher throughput and up to 10X faster sampling than any other system. With a focus scoping more than just high performance, the Slice Micro and Nanos are stackable by up to 24 channels, include daisy-chain stacks for large channel counts and supports a variety of sensors.

DTS expertise extends to an understanding of common frustrations with software. Maintaining a software that is real time, fast logging with easy viewing and exportation of data, DTS makes data acquisition simple.

Extreme Conditions

DTS is used by professionals testing extremity. That is why their data recording products are designed to handle the extreme, including dust and water. Made to be durable to withstand harsh environments, be it extreme altitude, temperature or shock and vibration, the Slice IP68 allows testing capabilities in any environment.

THP Systems can advise what DTS Solutions can achieve for your testing requirements, and allow you access to the products that will revolutionise how you acquire data.

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