Quadratec advanced product technology engineering

Established in 1995, Quadratec Limited is an advanced product technology engineering science based company involved in the design, development and manufacture of advanced technology products, instrumentation, machinery and test equipment.

Over nearly 20 years, our multi-disciplinary team has built up an extensive portfolio of core capabilities and experience, enabling us to support our client’s requirements by providing innovative, creative and cost-effective product solutions across a broad range of market sectors for both SMEs and large, multi-national companies.

The following list provides a brief summary of the products and services offered by Quadratec Ltd:

  • Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Mechanical Integrity Analysis
  • Product Development Support
  • Traversing Systems
  • Bespoke Assembly & Test Machinery
  • Gas Turbine Probe Traverse Systems
  • High Speed Rotating Machinery
  • Aerodynamic & Turbomachinery Test Equipment

Quadratec is also a distributor for the following technology which will be available to view at the EIS exhibition 2018:

  • Tekscan Pressure Mapping Systems
  • OptoForce Six-Axis Force and Torque Sensors

The company website provides and in-depth description of the products and services offered by Quadratec Ltd http://www.quadratec-ltd.co.uk/

Tekscan Pressure Mapping Systems

Tekscan’s complete pressure mapping systems consist of sensors, data acquisition electronics, and software which runs directly on your laptop or desktop PC, with various options for sensor models and software add-ons.

Typical areas of application are:

  • Machine setup
  • Product Development
  • Tyre Footprint
  • Body Pressure Distribution
  • Hand Grip
  • Nip Roller Measurement
  • Windscreen Wiper and Automotive Seal measurement

A wide range of standard sensors exist at various pressure ratings, along with the option to manufacture bespoke sensors for the customer’s application. Sensors are flexible and typically 0.1mm thick.

Further information can be found via the Quadratec website or the Tekscan website:




OptoForce Six-Axis Force and Torque Sensors

OptoForce offers unique multi-axial force/torque sensors with a revolutionary optical technology that equips industrial robots with the sense of touch, providing the tactile sensing of automated equipment and haptic interaction between people and robots. In optical force/torque sensors, photodiodes are used to measure the amount of reflected light originally emitted by an LED. By comparing the measured values on each photodiode the acting forces can be precisely reconstructed – and not just their magnitude, but also their direction.

Plug and Play packages come with sensor hardware and a range of prior developed application programmes specific to the manufacturer’s robot, designed to make the interaction and set up easy for the user, with an easy to use graphical interface to the existing robot pendant. These packages are currently available for “Universal Robots” and “Kuka” robots, whilst continued efforts are ongoing to extend that range of availability to manufacturers such as ABB and Yaskawa.

Outside of the currently available Plug and Play options the sensors can be mounted to many other different manufacturers’ robots/cobots (such as ABB and Yaskawa). Ethernet is a common option for communication between the robot and an OptoForce controller (Compute Box) this helps with the data acquisition, data transfer and the overall communication between the robots controller and the sensor. An API (Application Programming Interface) is another option for easy communication with different types of robots which use various types of programming languages.

Further information can be obtained via the Quadratec website or the OptoForce website:



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