Strain Gauges & Bonding Services

ESI strain gauges are designed to bring you the very best in performance. Their experience allows them to offer strain gauges for applications in stress analysis and transducer work.

An extensive range of strain gauges are available as standard, together with comprehensive accessories and specially formulated adhesives for the trouble free preparation and bonding of precision strain gauges. As designers, ESI can also customise and build to specific requirements.

All products are made in the purpose built, environmentally controlled units using the latest processes and techniques. Every stage in the design and manufacture of our strain gauges conforms to EC and ISO 9001 standards. They specialise in custom design to specific requirements backed up with full technical assistance.


Custom Design Solutions

ESI offers a complete design service by qualified engineers using the latest technologies. Stringent quality control and inspection is exercised at every stage in the manufacture of all ESI gauges and all materials used are rigorously tested to stringent requirements before approval is given for use in manufacture. You can be sure of complete commitment to provide total customer satisfaction.


Strain Gauge Bonding

ESI offer a comprehensive strain gauge bonding service to ensure trouble free installation of strain gauges, with ongoing support, guidance and training.

The on-site gauging teams are fully BSSM qualified and specialise in structural stress analysis for industries such as aerospace, automotive and OEM applications.


Adhesive kits

ESI adhesive kits are designed for trouble-free preparation and bonding of strain gauges to most surfaces, specially formulated for optimum performance and are packaged to provide the user with maximum control in mixing and application. Whether you are experienced or new to strain gauge bonding, the right materials to suit your needs can be provided. All adhesives are dated to ensure freshness of contents and supplied with detailed instructions for correct handling.


Bonding Accessories

ESI Technology Ltd also offer a wide range of quality accessories to provide optimum results for preparation, bonding and coating of stain gauges such as;

  • Abrasive paper grades 100-400
  • ESI solvent cleaner/Conditioner/Resin solvent and neutraliser
  • Silicon rubber strips, PTFE and polyester tape
  • Spring clamps/ Application tools
  • Solder/ Soldering irons/ Bondable terminals
  • A selection of wires and attachments.


Choosing your strain gauge

It is important to correctly select the strain gauge for your specific application in order to obtain accurate and reliable strain measurement and achieve the best possible performance.

The range of standard strain gauge designs have integral foil solder tabs provided for lead attachments. Most of the configurations are also available with lead wire attachment and encapsulation options. After determining the desired foil type and backing material, choose a gauge with the appropriate size, grid pattern, tab geometry and gauge resistance. It will then be necessary to determine the temperature compensation and any other options that are required. ESI can help you to determine the correct strain gauge for your application.

Our Key Markets


Stress analysis plays an important role many applications. ESI has become a respected industry leader due to the wide scope and high quality of their product range, serving an extensive range of major industries;

  • Stress analysis
  • Automotive
  • Material testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Destructive testing
  • Structural testing
  • Offshore wind
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction
  • Earthworks
  • Weighing systems



Over 75% of the companies strain gauge sales are exported, it is imperative that clear communication channels are available with the rest of the world. The development and extension of ESI Technology’s sales network shows a thriving enterprise with more than 35 sales partners across 40 countries.

Contact ESI on +44 (0)1978 262255,, for more information on products or you nearest distributor.


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