New Tinytag Temperature Data Logger – ideal for indoor monitoring



Gemini Data Loggers, manufacturer of the Tinytag range, has launched a new version of the very popular Transit 2 temperature data logger. The logger is now available in an unobtrusive grey case as an alternative to the existing yellow. The Transit 2 has a slim line design and the grey case option will make it suitable for applications where it needs to be located discreetly. It is also useful where there is a requirement to differentiate between two sets of loggers (e.g. used in two different locations or applications).

The Tinytag Transit 2 a very cost-effective monitoring device, measuring temperature from -40 to +70°C using a built-in sensor. It is suited to discreet building monitoring and can also be used also during transportation, being tested to BS EN 12830 for frozen and chilled foods logistics. Recorded data is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable, where it presented initially in graphs and tables in the Tinytag Explorer Software. It can easily be exported to popular software packages and results from separate logging runs can be combined for comparison and analysis. Alternatively for offloading multiple units, it is very quick and easy to use with the Tinytag ACS-3030 inductive pad: simply place it on the pad to offload data etc.

Manufactured in the UK, Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. Other loggers in the Tinytag range monitor power usage, relative humidity, CO2, voltage, current and count, and are used for a variety of applications across many industries. Tinytags range from compact units for indoor use to rugged, waterproof devices for industrial and outdoor applications. Probes offer access to awkward areas a logger cannot reach, such as pipework; or are used for monitoring extremes of temperature.

As well as stand-alone loggers, which record data that is downloaded to a PC, a Radio Data Logging System is available which is ideal in premises requiring multiple monitoring points. Environmental data is gathered automatically and sent via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet.

The Transit 2 logger is available with either a grey or yellow case and costs £50 +VAT. A multipack of five Transit 2 temperature loggers is available with either grey or yellow cases, effectively offering five units for the price of four.


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