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DJB Instruments UK LTD, stand number F36,  winner of the 2015 EADT Small Business of the year award, has been in business manufacturing its unique range of vibration sensors for more than 40 years and is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Accelerometers, cables and instrumentation within the R&D and Industrial sectors. The company has enjoyed significant growth since changing hands in 2010 and is proud to be a British manufacturing success.

Following the death of its founder Don Birchall in 2009, the company had some tough choices to make and required a major restructuring to provide it with the foundation for growth. With a change of management in 2012 this process started in earnest and sales growth was almost instantaneous, new systems, processes and products were introduced over the next couple of years and by the end of 2014 much of the restructuring work was completed. The benefits of all the hard work became obvious at the start of 2015, sales increased exponentially and increased efficiency saw a step improvement in production capacity.

DJB has always been committed to customer service and as part of its ongoing customer support and engagement program they offer unique training courses at their UK headquarters in Mildenhall; this is a chance to see how DJB manufacture accelerometers and to learn from their experience and expert knowledge how to select, mount and use accelerometers to improve data accuracy. A better understanding of these topics can improve data accuracy by up to 25%. A summary of this training presentation will be given in the seminar theatre on Day one of the exhibition and is a great opportunity for engineers to get some ‘best practice’ pointers, as well as make them rethink some of their current practices when using accelerometers.

One of the biggest issues for users of IEPE accelerometers is their maximum operating temperature which is usually just 125°C, however DJB’s continuous innovation has raised the bar to new heights and they now offer high temperature IEPE accels with an operating temperature of 185°C, the highest currently available on the global market. This has been achieved through the use of bespoke electronics and DJB’s unique Konic Shear sensing element design, whilst also maintaining minimal bias voltage drift for maximum and stable dynamic range.

Miniaturisation is a key requirement in the world of accelerometers, at this years’ exhibition DJB will demonstrate a live vibration measurement on the wings of a butterfly, this showcases the ultra-light accelerometers available from DJB, it is a fascinating and challenging demonstration and as you would expect from DJB it will be eye catching and unique.

If you have any questions or issues with vibration measurements please visit the stand for free support and advice.

For more details about all of DJB’s products including accelerometers, instrumentation and cables or to know more about calibration please visit the stand during the exhibition.

DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd

Finchley Avenue

Mildenhall, Suffolk,

IP28 7BG

+44 (0) 1638 71 22 88

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