Automation24: Operating principle of volumetric flow sensors

Volumetric flow sensors belong to the category of Process sensors and are often also referred to as Flow metersMagnetic-inductive volumetric flow meters and Mechatronic volumetric flow sensors can be distinguished. The latter is based on the principle of a spring-supported piston. The piston is located in the valve seat of the housing and is lifted by the flowing medium against the spring resistance. The piston position is detected via an inductive sensor and is output as a binary signal. The magnetic-inductive volumetric flow meters, however, are based on Faraday‘s principle of induction. The conductive medium flowing through a pipe with a magnetic field generates a voltage proportional to the velocity or the flow quantity. The sensor electronics processes the voltage determined via electrodes and provides it as an analogue value for further processes.

Applications of volumetric flow meters are, for example:

  • Volumetric flow monitoring in cooling circuits of induction furnaces and machine tools
  •  Flow rate measurement of conductive media, e.g. in coolants in welding systems

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