Yokogawa releases enhanced version of ProSafe(R)

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces it will be releasing an enhanced version of the ProSafe(R)- RS safety instrumented system (SIS) on November 27th. 

Accident prevention and protection of the environment are paramount concerns in plant operations. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for SISs that can detect abnormal conditions and safely initiate emergency shutdowns.

This new version, R4.01, features an exciting expansion of Yokogawa’s lineup of I/O devices and introduces crucial new SIS components. In addition, the FieldMate Validator software has been enhanced to work with this latest version of ProSafe-RS.

Outline of new features:
The N-IO field I/O device developed for use with ProSafe-RS fulfills the functions of smart configurable I/O, enabling software marshalling and flexible I/O assignment. It has an I/O module that accommodates multiple I/O signal types and allows configuration of an individual signal type for each point. Both analogue and digital I/O signals, which account for the majority of I/O signal traffic, can be handled solely through software settings. With the N-IO, it is no longer necessary to replace the I/O module, reducing the amount of rewiring that must be done when changing sensor types and/or layouts during a plant revamp.

The N-IO loop commissioning software has been modified to support ProSafe-RS R4.01. When FieldMate establishes a connection with an N-IO device, the FieldMate Validator tool can check in real time the wiring of all field instruments to verify that they are operating correctly. An industry first, there is no longer the need for the entire SIS to be installed to do this, thus saving significant time and providing added versatility in project execution. FieldMate Validator will be released in early December.
ProSafe-RS R4.01 features AD Suite, the same engineering environment used with the CENTUM VP integrated control system, allowing the integrated management of CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS data. With this feature, ProSafe-RS engineers can use AD Suite to design the I/O. AD Suite also has functions for managing the change history and recording changes that save time when renovating systems.

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