Walk-in shelters for analyzers and large-scale applications

For walk-in analyzer and equipment protection shelters Intertec offers a service that is unparalleled in its flexibility. Shelters of almost unlimited size and shape can be designed and produced using high-integrity single-piece composite-GRP walls.

This manufacturing process is ideal for meeting demanding specifications and challenging environmental conditions, as the composite-GRP materials may be varied easily for individual applications – such as changing the thickness of insulation core(s), or making the walls fire resistant.

Application-specific size, shape and protection characteristics can greatly reduce process design and lifecycle costs. Among many challenges that can be met are shelters for extremely cold or extremely hot climates, lightweight and corrosion-resistant shelters for offshore applications, custom size/shape shelters for skid-mounted packages, and shelters for remote locations without grid-supplied power.

Any challenge can be handled thanks to the intrinsic flexibility of Intertec’s manufacturing processes, and the inherent versatility of the composite-GRP (glass fibre reinforced polyester) construction materials employed. Shelters are produced using standardised double-wall insulated GRP suitable for heavy duty, or by a full-custom manufacturing process using the advanced manufacturing machinery at Intertec’s disposal including very large presses and large-bed CNC-controlled cutting, routing and drilling automation. These processes allow the grade and make-up of the composite GRP materials to be adapted and varied to optimize protective qualities. Among the customization possibilities are IP65 to IP68 ingress protection, fire safety, extreme thermal insulation, heat resistance, proof against wind/blast/earthquake forces, explosion proofing, corrosion resistance, anti-static, passive cooling, UV resistance, frangibility, leak-resistant flooring.

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