Wachendorff adds CAN bus I/O node functionality to CANopen absolute encoder

  • New CANopen absolute encoder includes integral CAN I/O node for time, cost and space saving opportunities in automation systems

Towcester – UK – February 2014: Wachendorff, the German automation and process electronics equipment manufacturer, has integrated a CAN bus I/O node into its WDGA CANopen series high accuracy and extreme durability absolute encoder range to provide users the unique opportunity to combine precision rotary position and/or speed feedback and a very convenient means of connecting digital and analogue sensors or other devices on automated motion-centric machinery.

Available in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor, the time, cost and space saving 2in1 encoders with integrated I/O capability are based on the well proven WDGA Endra® technology. Guaranteeing long life and exceptional levels of reliability the technology utilises a unique coded magnetic signal for 4096 counts per revolution as well as each full revolution – providing 16-bit multi-turn absolute position feedback without relying on wear-prone gears or limited life batteries.

The WDGA-I/O absolute encoder integrates up to three multi-functional inputs and outputs; each may be configured as digital and/or analogue I/O (1x four-wire, 2x two-wire). Users may connect for example, CANopen compatible thermocouples, PT100 temperature sensors, DMS, 0…4-20 mA or +/- 10 VDC devices. The highly accurate I/O ports can be configured and scaled quickly and easily for a specific type of sensor using software, resulting in a large number of possible combinations for almost any application.

Application examples might include combined motor position and speed with temperature monitoring, whereby a PT2 thermocouple is connected to the controller via CAN bus, or measuring the pressure in hydraulic systems, with the control unit able to monitor the pressure, as well as the position. Similarly on a rope winch, force is measured via a strain-gauge and its value delivered via the WDGA-I/O absolute encoder in addition to the maximum extension as tracked by the number of drum turns.

Ideally suited for use in harsh industrial applications as well as in stationary or mobile machinery, the new 2in1 encoder has an operational temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C with sealed bearings to IP65 (IP67 optional) and high resilience to axial and radial bearing loads of 220 N (400 N optional).

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