Tri-axial Recovib miniature vibration recorder

These innovative tools for vibration recording, condition monitoring and asset integrity are available now in the UK, only from DC White Consulting Engineers.


  • Only 4 x 3.5cm
  • 3 axes
  • DC to 500Hz useful bandwidth
  • Low noise
  • 6-hour battery autonomy
  • 2 GB storage capacity
  • Wireless during vibration measurements
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Protection grade IP65
  • Several sensors can measure synchronously and simultaneously

The RECOVIB.Tiny is connected to a PC via a USB connection. The supplied software allows for time synchronisation with the PC, selection of the measuring range, as well as programming of the measurement interval.

When the sensor is disconnected from the PC and when the preset measurement start time is reached, the RECOVIB.Tiny begins to autonomously measure and store vibration values.

Once the preset stop time is reached, the RECOVIB.Tiny goes into sleep mode until it is reconnected to the PC.

The RECOVIB.Tiny is recognised by the PC as an external storage device. Thanks to the supplied software, the measurements of one or more sensors stored in a compact binary format can be converted to standard formats depending on user preference (text, csv, MATLAB™ , LabVIEW™ formats).

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