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PCB® manufactures precision sensors and sensor accessory products. Our product lines include sensors for the measurement of acceleration, acoustics, force, load, pressure, shock, strain, torque, and vibration.

Our products are the first choice of engineers and scientists at leading businesses, research institutions, and independent laboratories around the world.

We offer unmatched customer service, a global distribution network, 24-hour SensorlineSM, to deliver Total Customer Satisfaction.

With thousands of models in stock in their warehouses in USA and Germany ready for immediate shipment, PCB® can provide an “On Your Desk in Five Days” express delivery service to their UK and Irish customers.


PCB Piezotronics manufactures precision accelerometers to measure vibration, shock, and acceleration for monitoring, control, and testing applications. ICP®, PE, MEMS and Capacitance sensing technologies are used to fulfil a wide assortment of measurement requirements.

The most commonly used technology is ICP® accelerometers.  Most modern DAQ, digital control, and portable data systems provide ICP sensor power.


No need to compromise on quality and performance when you choose a PCB® microphone.  You get the microphone specifications you require, the performance you demand, the delivery, support and warranty you expect, at a price that won’t break your budget.

Ultra High Temperature Vibration Measurements

Many engine operating environments generate temperatures in excess of 288ºC. Above this temperature, many of the design features and materials used in high temperature accelerometers change considerably.

For 288ºC-650ºC operating environments, PCB® offers a range of both single-ended and differential sensors. The former tend to be smaller and more suitable for short-term testing needs, while the latter are more appropriate for long-term monitoring.

Shock Accelerometers:- Miniature, high amplitude (up to 60,000g), DC response accelerometers, capable of measuring long duration transient motion, as well as responding to and surviving extremely fast rise times typical of a High-G shock event. Various housing options or OEM configurations available.

Supplemented by a range of ceramic, ICP® shock accelerometers designed specifically for pyroshock, but may be used for other shock measurements.

Dynamic Force

PCB®’s quartz, piezoelectric force and strain sensors are durable measurement devices which possess exceptional characteristics for the measurement of high frequency dynamic force and strain events.

Since the measurement signal generated by a quartz sensor will decay over time, long-term, static force measurements are not feasible. However shorter-term, or “quasi-static”, measurements are possible within certain time limits, depending upon the sensor and signal conditioning used.

Dynamic Pressure

The ability to measure small pressure fluctuations at high static pressure levels is a unique characteristic of piezoelectric pressure sensors.

These sensors are ideal for virtually all dynamic pressure applications where sensor temperatures range from -196 to +135 °C. For higher temperature applications, charge output sensors are available for use up to +530 °C.

Industrial Accelerometers

IMI industrial sensors are used to spot measure imbalance, bearing faults, and misalignment in machine vibration, providing early fault diagnosis thus reducing downtime. Our

We offer a full line of piezoelectric accelerometers, velocity sensors, 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, switches, relays, cables, displays and accessories. Many of our products can be certified for use in hazardous areas through CSA and ATEX. For a full catalogue please go to


From the Modal Shop, PCB® offers a complete range of accelerometer, microphone and pressure sensor calibration systems.

The 9110D is a portable calibration system that calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity on the readout screen. It has built-in ICP® input for common piezoelectric accelerometers. Users can now save up to 500 calibration records directly to the unit’s internal memory. These can also be copied or transferred to the included USB flash drive and the saved data can be transferred to a computer and an ISO 17025-compliant customisable Calibration Certificate generated.

For the ultimate automated solution, the Model 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation offers accurate back-to-back comparison calibrations of ICP® (IEPE) and charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21. The 9155 system also calibrates piezo resistive (MEMS), capacitive, shock and velocity sensors via available options.


Delivered through the The Modal Shop, our rental service enables customers to assess the company’s product range when starting out on a project as well as expand channel count on an existing test installation should the need arise. A large inventory of products can be rented including a wide range of accelerometers, mounting accessories, ICP® signal conditioning, small shakers and acoustics products such as microphones and accessories.


The Modal Shop offers a complete line of electrodynamic vibration exciters and accessories ideal for applications ranging from experimental modal analysis and general vibration testing to accelerometer calibration.



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