The Perfect Combination

wenglor Presents New Fluid Sensors for Flow Rate and Temperature


weFlux² from wenglor is the new generation of high-performance, compact Fluid Sensors which unites electronics and analysis module in a single housing. A patented measuring method determines the flow velocities as well as the temperatures of liquid media – regardless of position and direction of flow. The combination of two measuring functions in a single sensor reduces the number of measuring points in closed systems by 50% and minimizes installation, service and inventory costs.

wenglor’s new sensors are based on a patented measuring method in accordance with the calorimetric principle. Thermal differences are measured in flowing media and are converted to physical quantities such as flow velocity and temperature. The measurement results of most common sensors provide just one value – not so with the new weFlux² generation which measures flow velocity and temperature simultaneously with a single sensor, regardless of the medium’s direction of flow. And installation in any desired position assures greatest possible flexibility with regard to system layout. The maintenance-free, non-wearing sensors offer tremendous pressure resistance with values of up to 100 bar. In order to be able to deliver precise measurement results in hygienically sensitive environments at temperatures ranging from -25 to +80° C, the FDA-compliant housing made of 316L stainless steel is not equipped with a display.


Intelligent Fluid Sensor for the Smart Factory

Thanks to wTeach2 software, weFlux² sensors can be conveniently configured via the integrated IO-Link interface – without any IO-Link software tools or further previous knowledge. The analysis of measurement and diagnostics data ensures high levels of system availability, in addition to which the sensors’ switching points can be adjusted individually in diagrams. Furthermore, existing data records can be transferred automatically to new products.


New Generation Distinguished by Use in Diverse Industry Sectors

Wherever liquids are monitored, regulated and controlled, weFlux² sensors are made use of in closed piping systems. For example, weFlux² flow sensors are responsible for monitoring coolant water at welding robots in the automotive industry. In the textiles industry they provide for clean rinsing water in textile finishing machines. Thanks to their outstanding features, the compact fluid sensors can be ideally integrated into blast furnaces with extreme temperatures or bottle cleaning processes in the beverages industry. “With its rugged design and various interfaces such as IO-Link, the new generation of weFlux² sensors assures efficient and flexible fluid management which can be taken advantage of in innumerable industry sectors”, explains wenglor product manager Maria Boos. “Numerous customers from the food, chemicals, automotive and textiles industries are already benefiting from the advantages of our innovative weFlux² sensors.”


The Highlights at a Glance

weFlux² Flow Sensor

     •   A single sensor for flow and temperature

     •   Measures flow velocities of up to 400 cm/s

     •   Temperature range: -25 to +150° C

     •   Precise measurement results for flow velocity: < 5%

     •   Latest IO-Link version 1.1

     •   2 analog outputs (flow/temperature)

     •   IP68/IP69K protection


weFlux² Temperature Sensor

     •   Temperature measuring range: From -50 to +200° C with PT100/PT1000 From -50 to +150° C with IO-Link

     •   Precise measurement results: ±0.5° C

     •   Response time T90: < 2 seconds

     •   Latest IO-Link version 1.1

     •   IP68/IP69K protection


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