The KT65DL is our top-of-the-range and most comprehensive Multifunction tester with PAT function and download

The KT65DL is our top-of-the-range and most comprehensive Multifunction tester with PAT function and download.

Bringing together many sophisticated features it is the first MFT to enable PAT testing with fast result storage and download.

The KT65DL alleviates the need for the purchase of an extra PAT tester and has a distinct advantage as it provides a great solution for the PAT testing of fixed appliances. The results are swiftly saved and can be downloaded onto a PC and printed out via the software provided with the KT65DL.

The instrument is constantly looking out for mains voltage during dead (continuity and insulation) testing, this saves any damage to the instrument and prevents annoying fuse blowing, but more importantly, it is an immediate warning that the circuits that you thought were dead are actually live. The protection is provided even if the test button is locked down.

Continuity – PAT function with two pass / fail levels for standard appliances, appliances with long mains leads and extension leads. The lockdown button enables important extended testing times. (Many dedicated PAT testers cannot do this.) The results can be saved easily and the ID number is automatically incremented (it can also be selected manually).

Insulation – A bright red LED shines to indicate that high voltage is present at the test probes. The LED stays lit for as long as the tested circuits are charged with the test current after testing. This is the only MFT that has this feature and gives unambiguous information.        

Insulation – Class I and Class II PAT functions are available. On selection the 1000V testing option is prohibited and the relevant pass/fail levels are introduced. After testing, two button presses saves the information. One press is required to review and check the results against the appropriate ID number. The ID number automatically increments after each insulation test (this can be overridden), another time saving device.

Loop impedance – Over and above the standard 0.01 ohm resolution, the KT65DL uses a ‘high’ current loop with extended test time to enable testing with 0.001 ohm resolution. This is of importance when testing for Ze/PSC when close to transformers.

Loop impedance – The KT65DL has a maximum Zs tables which covers virtually all of the circuit over current protection devices that are installed (obscure ones can be found in the manual). This table also covers the 80% rule of thumb and can be upgraded when there is a change in regulations, as with the recent AMD3. When selected the instrument will compare the measured result with the maximum allowed and indicate a pass or a fail.

Loop impedance – Conducts 55V loop (110V onsite CTE transformers) if your tester cannot do this then you can work it out from the primary side with the following equation: Zs = Zpx(Vs/Vp)2 + Zpu(trans) x (Vs)2/VA +(R1+R2)

RCD – On the KT65DL the auto-test results are displayed on one screen, so no scrolling through screens is required. A ramp test also indicates the susceptibility of a RCD to nuisance tripping and can assist and discerning leakage currents.

Test leads – the instrument comes with G7 test leads that have been subjected to rigorous testing such as pull out loads, strain relief bending cycles and temperature stress. There is also an extra probe with an alternative test button to initiate tests.

Above all else though, the KT65DL is easy to use. It has an unrestricted dot matrix display, one rotary switch and four function buttons. This combination makes for the most logical user interface.

The KT65DL was a finalist in the Electrical Industry Awards Innovative Test & Measurement Product of the Year category in 2014.


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