The FLIR ONE – Ghostbusting with Thermal

No need to give everyone’s favourite ghost hunting crew a call – with the FLIR ONE, you can catch those ghosts in the act yourself! The new FLIR ONE, FLIR’s second-generation thermal camera for smartphones, proved to be the most popular ghost hunting tool on Channel 5’s Halloween edition of The Gadget Show.

Featured as part of Gadget Help, the FLIR ONE was pitted against two competing ghost hunting products, with a viewer deciding which one was the best for ghost hunting activities. The FLIR ONE was the clear winner over an infrared spectrum monitoring system and a ghost-hunting teddy bear with integrated sensing technology.

Thermal imaging cameras have always been a popular tool with ghost hunters. Indeed, on the programme ghost-hunter Rob said, he always wanted a thermal camera but couldn’t stump up the budget. With the FLIR ONE, which retails for just £160.88 (+VAT), thermal imaging is available to more people than ever before.

Ghost hunters are interested in the technology behind thermal cameras as it allows them to visualise the heat of an area. It is widely believed that paranormal activity can cause an influence on the heat of objects, which is why ghost hunters use the cameras as an analysis tool.

The FLIR ONE featured on the Gadget Show was supplied by PASS. Recognised as FLIR’s only platinum seller in the UK, PASS has been supplying thermal imaging equipment to a wide variety of markets for over a decade.

“We’re thrilled to see the FLIR ONE on The Gadget Show,” said David Atkins, Sales Manager at PASS, “The ONE is the thermal camera people have been waiting for. It’s affordable, easy-to-use and plugs straight into your phone – we’re delighted that the Gadget Show decided to feature it so people can learn more about it, how it works and why it’s such a useful tool.”

The second generation of the FLIR ONE thermal camera is made for use with both Android and iOS smartphones. It’s shaped like a small dongle – just plug it into the micro-USB slot (Android) or Lightning connector (iOS) and run the FLIR app to use the technology.

You won’t even have to worry about the FLIR ONE draining your device’s battery – it has its own internal power supply! Just plug in, run the FLIR app and you’ll have instant access to a portable, quality thermal camera wherever and whenever you need it.

The applications for the technology are literally endless – you can simply view people in thermal on your phone, use it around the house to spot hidden insulation problems, spot overheating electrical components, test temperature levels and much, much more.

For those who have not been able to afford a thermal camera in the past, the FLIR ONE is a must-have solution. Just a few years ago, this technology didn’t exist – now, thanks to FLIR’s unique Lepton Core technology, thermography is more affordable than ever.

As part of a special promotion in celebration of the FLIR ONE being shown on The Gadget Show, PASS LTD is offering 10% off a new FLIR ONE.  Visit for more information.

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