The Faster Way to Test Earth Resistance

Historically, testing earthing resistance can be a time consuming process due to the need to insert an auxiliary ground rod multiple times to lower the electrode’s resistance for measurements in dry locations.  Unfortunately, although this is time consuming, it’s also an essential part of any earth resistance testing procedure.

But what if there was something that could dramatically reduce the time this process takes? The latest innovative product from Hioki is the solution to this problem.

The new Hioki FT6031 Earth Resistance Tester has increased tolerance at a factor of 10 over many other similar earth testers, dramatically reducing the amount of times a ground rod has to be inserted. In practice, this time-saving function allows those testing earth resistance to start testing significantly faster than by using other products, freeing up more time for other jobs and essential checks.

Rugged and Reliable

Most earth ground resistance measurements will be carried out in outdoor conditions, meaning a tester needs to be optimised for use in these environments. The Hioki FT6031 fits the bill perfectly with IP67 waterproofing that fully seals it against dust and water damage (this protection is so strong, the tester can even survive in 1m of water for 30 minutes!).

If it gets dirty when you’re working outdoors, the FT6031 can even be cleaned using running water. You won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the tester either – the FT6031 resists drops of a height of up to 1m directly onto concrete!

With the Hioki FT6031, you can work in both indoor and outdoor conditions safely and always be assured that your tester will remain in perfect working order.

Improved Testing Speeds

Hioki knows how important time is to engineers and testing professionals – that’s why they make their meters to be as quick as possible, using innovative new testing methods to speed up the time that tests actually take.

Most common earth resistance testers can be quite time consuming, requiring the user to perform separate checks of ground potential, check auxiliary grounding electrodes and test earth resistance by itself. In comparison, the HT6031 performs all of these three measurements simultaneously – simply connect the cords and spikes, press the measure button and the tester will do the rest.

The tester will even automatically select the optimal grounding resistance range, eliminating the need to switch ranges and improving measurement efficiency.

Testing with the FT6031 is performed using either 3 or 2 electrodes. For three electrode measurements, the tester can measure resistance levels from as low as 20-2000? (or 200 to 2000?) for two electrode measurements).

Faster Cord Winding

Fed up of winding up your long testing leads after testing? Hioki knows and understands your plight and has developed a new reel system for the leads supplied with the FT6031.

The winders are made to prevent tangled and twisted testing leads and are made to ensure that the leads can be rewound around twice as quickly as a normal reel would allow!

Two reels are supplied as standard with the FT6031. They can both be held in a single hand so that two measurement cords can be laid out simultaneously.  A yellow 10m lead and a 20m red lead are included in the standard package.

Additional accessories included with this instrument are a 2 piece auxiliary earthing rod set, measurement cable, a carrying case, instrument protector, alkaline batteries and the instruction manual.

Why Consider the FT6031?

If you’re regularly testing earth ground resistance, using a tester just like the Hioki FT6031 could be the difference between wasting a large amount of time and getting more done on a daily basis.

To recap, here’s exactly what functionality you’ll get with this earth resistance tester:

  • Field ready – IP67 dust and waterproofing for using the tester in outdoor conditions (even in heavy rain!) and can be cleaned if it gets dirty
  • Faster – unique technology dramatically reduces earth rod insertion times and speeds up overall testing times thanks to triple measurement mode
  • Fast reel system – quickly reel in your cables up to two times faster than other existing products
  • Durable – can survive drops up to 1m directly onto a concrete surface

From the start of the test when you’re inserting your grounding rods to the end of the test when you’re packing away your equipment, the Hioki FT6031 will help you work much more efficiently.

If you’ve been looking for a faster, more reliable and accurate way to determine earth resistance levels, considering investing in a Hioki FT6031.


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