The changing needs of visitors to exhibitions

Bronkhorst UK Ltd recognises the changing needs of delegates visiting Exhibitions during these more challenging times in that support, training and the transfer of knowledge is arguably now more important than the time-honoured, traditional approach of “walking the aisles”. With the constraints on time away from day-to-day work and the pressures on travel budgets, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to offer more to the visitor to ensure their attendance is increasingly more worth-while. In addition, the benefits of seminar programmes are now widely recognised, especially when the topics covered are technical and solution based or are forward-looking involving an element of cutting edge design or indeed “blue sky” thinking. 

This years Sensors and Instrumentation Exhibition allows Bronkhorst to fulfil these changing needs as their Senior  R&D Engineer is available both on the booth (E14) or within the Seminar Suite to discuss the future needs of industry, research and academia. The Bronkhorst ethos is to be highly collaborative and to create, if necessary, a turnkey solution to virtually any flow or pressure measurement application – especially within the realm of low and ultra-low flow. One such future need is the requirement to measure the composition and quality of natural gas within national grids as these are likely to vary enormously as a result of blending sources from different countries, the addition of biogas and the periodical variations of both these gas types. At the same time, the actual introduction of biogas into national grids is being hindered by the absence of a cost-effective, reliable but miniature device for measurement of the energy content of fuel gases. Bronkhorst have taken the first steps in developing such an “on-chip” fuel gas energy content measurement system. It incorporates an integrated micro Wobbe index meter, consisting of 2 gas inlets, a mixer, a combustion chamber, heaters, temperature sensors and an exhaust outlet, together with an ultra-sensitive micro Coriolis mass flow meter, suitable for accurate mass flow and density measurement of the gases.

Other, more straight forward developments, are the result of the economic stresses that have so influenced the process industries across the country. With their constant investment in R&D Bronkhorst have conquered many recent challenges set down by Thermal Mass Flow Controller users to considerably increase the speed of response, to further improve overall accuracy, to reduce user stock inventory with even wider on-board re-rangeability, insensitivity to gas type and an even further developed “plug-and-play” usability. All these features are now combined in one instrument to ensure Bronkhorst customers can achieve higher yields, reduced running costs, less down-time and significantly stream-lined stock inventories.

Referring back to the start of this article, the transfer of knowledge rather than one-directional sales talk is now important to the exhibition visitor. Following its introduction at last years event, Bronkhorst have again dedicated separate space (Stand D10) for their “Learning Zone”. Working equipment will be available for a “hands-on” approach to learning about various measurement techniques, software tools and the tricks-of-the-trade for PID control, valve/pump steering and Thermal Mass Flow in-situ calibration checking. Technical engineers will also be present to discuss and arrange any other training, lunch-and-learn or seminar needs.

Of course the traditional needs of visitors will also be met with the benefits of the whole Bronkhorst product range, and the concept of “Total Solutions”, being available on the larger Stand E14. A brief summary of the Bronkhorst UK product range can be seen as follows :

In-Line Thermal Mass Flow for Gases: flow rates from 0.014 mln/min to 187,000 Ln/min, line size from 1/16” through to 10”, pressure rating from vacuum to 700 bar

Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters: featuring in-situ calibration check, ultra-low power consumption, 1000:1 resolution on line sizes > 36”             

Thermal Mass Flow for Liquids: flow rates from 25 nannolitres to 20 LPH, microbore to ½” line size, pressure rated up to 1233 bar

Coriolis Mass Flow for Gases and Liquids: from ~ 0.01 grams/hour to thousands of kilograms/hour, microbore to 12” line size, wide capability from vacuum through to very high pressures

Pressure Control for Gases and Liquids: vacuum to 700 bar, 1/16” to 10” line size.

Controlled Liquid Source Evaporation and Mixing: for vapour generation

Complimentary Products: including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, vortex and positive displacement flow meters, variable area flow meters and controllers, ultra-high precision needle valves and mechanical pressure regulators.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss both current and future requirements for flow and pressure measurement and control for gases, liquids and vapour.       

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