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Are you looking for a new manufacturing partner? Come and talk to Texcel Technology on stand E12 at the Sensors and Instrumentation show
About Texcel
At Texcel, customer focus is our priority and we build strong partnerships with our clients. We like them to think of us as an extension of their team. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and manufacturing products to the highest possible quality standards.
We’ve been in business for over 40 years now, which is a long-time for a Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), and we attribute this to prudent financial management, continuous re-investment into our manufacturing facility and the service we provide to our customers, resulting in long-term partnerships. In fact, with many of our clients, we are working on their third or fourth generation product designs.
Each year we invest in our manufacturing capabilities. Over the past two years we have invested over £600K in expanding the production area and the purchase of a selective soldering machine and additional pick and place machines
Market Sectors
We manufacture products that go into a wide variety of market sectors including: Medical, Military, Instrumentation, High Voltage, Transport, Marine & Subsea. The principles of design and manufacture are pretty consistent whatever the end-use market but there can be differences to the finished product specification and testing requirements.
The Marine & Subsea sector is a somewhat specialist area and we are recognised as have specialised expertise in this area. We have designed and manufactured cabled science observations systems for  projects such as Neptune Canada, USA Regional Scale Node and Galway bay. We have also provided solutions for buoyed data capture systems and general marine science.
Working with customers
The CEM/OEM relationship requires a significant “investment” on both sides. We understand this and encourage all prospective customers to visit our manufacturing facility in Dartford, meet the different teams and really get a good feel for the company they could be working with. It’s vital that we are the right fit, for the partnership to work. We appreciate, that for some prospective clients, Dartford is not necessarily a short trip, but if you take a look at our short video, it should give you a greater insight into our company and culture
We firmly believe that strong communications are critical for a good working relationship and encourage peer to peer communications with clients across all departments. This results in a better understanding of each individual client’s requirements and the ability to troubleshoot problems or roadblocks quickly.
A high proportion of our employees are qualified engineers, and this means that they can help add value to OEM designs by reviewing component, PCB layouts and production processes with Design for Manufacture (DFM) in mind.
Our Services
We offer a broad range of services to customers and these are tailored to their specific requirements. They include
    • Design & Product Development
    • Procurement & Obsolescence Management
    • PCB Assembly
    • Production Engineering Support
    • Box Build with Chassis Wiring
    • Functional Testing & Test Jig Design
    • Flexible Supply Agreements
    • Test & Inspection
    • Quality & Approvals
Our Capabilities
We are continuously improving our manufacturing capabilities to enable us to increase our flexibility, productivity and output. Our current capabilities include
    • Fast turnaround prototyping
    • Low medium and high-volume production
    • 7 SMT placement machines
    • Automated Selective Soldering Machines
    • Fast changeover for low volume, high mix solutions
    • Placement Capabilities: 0201,QFR,BGA,uBGA
    • Specialist tooling & production engineering solutions
    • Aqueous clean and no clean process
    • Automatic Optical Inspection
    • Flying Probe Testing
    • Specific Functional Testing, with test jig design and build
So, if you are looking for a new manufacturing partner, or have a specific project you would like to discuss, why not visit us on stand E12 and one of our team will be happy to help you.
You can also contact us by phone on 01322-621700, or email at sales@texceltechnology.com
Main Contact is Peter Shawyer – Commercial Director

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