Techni Measure introduce Fibre Optic Sensors and Calibration Systems to their extensive range of sensors and systems for the measurement of vibration, strain, displacement, force, pressure and temperature

Techni Measure are excited to introduce two new product lines from manufacturers OpSens Solutions and SPEKTRA.

Fibre optic sensors and instrumentation from Canadian manufacturer OpSens Solutions utilise the principles of white light polarisation interferometry (WLPI) and semiconductor band gap (SCBG) technology. Sensors are available to accurately measure temperature, pressure, displacement and strain and this technology performs exceptionally well in harsh and high temperature environments, being immune to RF, MRI, EMI, nuclear and microwave radiation. Cable runs in excess of 3km are possible with no degradation in measurement accuracy. 

We have also introduced a range of calibration systems from German manufacturer SPEKTRA, including vibration exciters by SPEKTRA and APS. These systems may be used for the calibration of a wide range of vibration, shock, acoustic and electrical sensors and range from portable and handheld vibration calibrators, through secondary (reference) systems to complete primary (absolute) systems. Air bearing or linear bearing vibration exciters input controlled vibration or force for calibration, structural test, modal analysis and seismic applications, and a wide variety of configurations are available to suit your specific requirements. 

Techni Measure also supply laser displacement systems from Acuity, including thickness measurement systems and 2D profile scanning systems. These are extremely accurate and versatile instruments, with measurement resolution as low as 0.16microns and suiting a huge range of applications. We have a range of wireless instrumentation and data acquisition systems from LORD Microstrain, for which many different nodes are available to gather data from almost any sensor type for lossless data transmission to a base station over ranges of up to 2km. Inertia & orientation sensors and micro-miniature displacement sensors are also available from LORD Microstrain. Dytran Instruments have recently launched the Vibracorder, a miniature, portable & self-contained vibration monitoring system, which complements their wide range of piezoelectric transducers for vibration and dynamic force and pressure measurements. We also hold UK stock of strain gauges and accessories from TML, including the unique new PRESSEE strain gauge clamp. 

We will be happy to discuss your application, give advice and propose solutions to any measurement requirement. Please call us on 01527 854103, email or visit our website at

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