Teamwork with the push of a button

With the COMPANO 100, we provide testers with a completely new, universal protection test set for the primary and secondary injection of test signals. This fully electronically controlled device is especially well suited for quick and easy power system protection testing. Since it also runs on durable battery power, a power outlet is not even required. The following provides a look at the multitude of possibilities offered by COMPANO 100’s flexibility.

Cordless freedom

Battery-operated, cordless devices are nothing new, right? That’s true! We have long grown accustomed to the freedom that electric toothbrushes, cell phones and cordless screwdrivers have given us. Now COMPANO 100 gives this kind of flexibility to protection testers as well. Due to its state-of-the-art, powerful and durable energy source, the device is extremely flexible and mobile – and not just for a few minutes, but rather throughout the entire work day. The COMPANO 100 was designed with mobility in mind and proves its worth, especially in frequently changing test environments such as those for base and function testing in substations, industrial facilities, rail networks or renewable power generators. Looking for a socket? That’s no longer necessary. Awkward extension cables? Unnecessary as well. Weighing approx. 10 kg, this compact and robust test set can also be transported easily thanks to the handle that’s been integrated into its housing.

Accurate to a T

The assumption that test sets always provide preset values is a common misconception. Oftentimes the “power case” is actually a voltage source and the output signal must be readjusted in line with the load. For sensitive equipment or tests, this can quickly lead to incorrect results or even damage. Relays are occasionally destroyed without this being noticed. COMPANO 100 has – like all test sets from OMICRON – a fully electronically controlled signal source and it outputs the preset value directly. The high accuracy remains intact even with very small values. COMPANO 100 supplies a wide variety of frequencies, signal waveforms, automatic ramps, pulse ramps and DC via a powerful current output (a voltage output will be available in the future). Two analog or binary inputs (optional) complete the connection options of the test set.

A wide range of applications

COMPANO 100 was designed as a flexible test set for numerous applications. From classic wiring testing and micro-ohm measurements to simple relay testing and continuity testing with high currents. The COMPANO 100 has been able to unite numerous test functions in one extremely compact design. The wide range of applications that this test set covers makes it very appealing to energy suppliers, rail network operators and service providers alike, not to mention industrial application users and device manufacturers.

Built for comfort

The illuminated controls as well as the brilliant color display make using the COMPANO 100 child’s play, even in the dark. Of course, we wouldn’t wish this upon any tester – however, the illuminated controls combined with easy operation via the control wheel and clearly structured menus, make this a real plus in the comfort department, even under adverse circumstances. An internal emergency stop function with an emergency stop button placed at the center of the unit, ensures maximum safety for all usage scenarios.

All of the applications are clearly structured in the modules to allow the test steps to be implemented quickly and easily. The most frequently used modules can even be accessed directly via predefined buttons. The simple and easy-to-use operation of the test set is a distinct advantage when it is being operated by various users and it also makes extensive training unnecessary.

Thanks to the unique properties of the COMPANO 100, it will soon become a fixed part of the day-to-day lives of protection testers. Just think of it as your reliable buddy who always understands you.

COMPANO 100 fact box:

· Fully electronic: Device delivers exactly the set values
· Implements complex, predefined sequences and ramps
· Signal generation for fast polarity checks
· Long operation time due to the latest battery technology
· Low weight: 10kg
· Testing of static and numerical relays

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