TEAC VR-24 Video NV recorder for automotive NVH testing

The TEAC VR-24 is a Video NV recorder for automotive NVH testing which can recorder 2ch HD Video and Analog sensor signals, along with CAN, GPS and Pulse data in perfect sync.

Lightweight, DC or battery powered, wide 40KHz bandwidth and now featuring RT-View for real-time FFT analysis.

The VR-24 is a standalone data recorder for finished vehicle testing, NVH claim management and quality assurance tests.

Using the VR View optional software, users can view the Video, Analog, CAN and GPS data on one screen from Cfast card or SDHC card.


Please visit our website for other TEAC systems, including multi-channel (16 to 128ch) recorders, accelerometers, loadcells and displays.

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