TDK opens new headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

TDK Corporation has moved its global headquarters to Nihonbashi (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and commenced operation today.

The new headquarters has been created with the target to become an active interaction space with stakeholders around the world as a new core base leading the global TDK Group. TDK continues to follow its corporate motto “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity” and aims to constantly create new innovations and solutions that contribute to the development of future societies by using resources and knowledge of TDK Group employees worldwide.

As the TDK Group’s new information base, TDK has installed an “experience-style” showroom to give visitors better insight into TDK’s origin, history, present and growth strategy. Visitors can experience TDK solutions based on the concept of Kotozukuri (integrated solutions) in addition to Monozukuri (manufacturing excellence). The showroom at TDK headquarters will collaborate with the Technical Center (in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan), a core base for the company’s research and development, as well as TDK Group company showrooms around the world.

Moving forward, TDK will aim to create new value in the office environment and work style where employees, who support the future growth of TDK, can work with vigor and communicate openly.

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