Take Professional Testing To The Next Level – New Hioki Multimeters

The result of over 80 years of innovation, Hioki’s DT4200 series are their best digital multimeters yet.

Featuring a super-speed DMM chip, Hioki DT4200 multimeters use a precision-engineered IC that’s unique to these testers, making them the fastest currently on the market.

With one of these testers as part of your equipment, you’ll be able to work faster, much more efficiently and get high accuracy results, every single time.

Hioki – Rock-Solid Quality

Although they’re new to the UK market, Hioki is a world-renowned manufacturer of test equipment known for their huge range of versatile products.  Celebrating their 80th anniversary this year, the company is constantly inventing innovative new equipment and producing popular instruments.

The DT4200 series is just one example of their huge product portfolio. The Hioki range consists of everything professionals testers need, including basic digital multimeters, voltage detectors, battery testers and even laboratory-grade equipment such as high-end oscilloscopes and power monitoring equipment.

These multimeters are packed full of useful features, including a sealed, dust-proof rotary dial, the ability to measure on the secondary side of an inverter similar to a power meter, wide angle screen for easy viewing and even have a optional magnetic strap for completely hands-free use.

They’re also extremely durable; each model in the DT4200 series has been extensively drop tested and the finished product can comfortably survive up to a 1m drop directly onto concrete!

The series consists of a total of nine individual models, each with their own abilities and application.  The DT4200 series caters to every user ranging from professional electricians and hobbyists to those working in specific applications such as laboratories, R&D and HVAC. 

Pocket Models – Compact Reliability

The first two models in the Hioki DT4200 series are the DT4221 and DT4222. These multimeters are much smaller than others in the series (compact and thin enough to fit in a pocket!), are powered by a single AAA alkaline battery and even include test lead storage on the back.

The DT4221 is optimised for basic measurements only and can test AC voltage from 6V to 600V and DC voltage from 600mV to 600V.  This DMM can also perform frequency and continuity testing, automatically detects AC/DC voltage and has a built-in non-contact voltage detector.

The DT4222 is specifically designed for laboratories/R&D applications. Like the DT4221, it can also test AC/DC voltage, but also includes resistance, diode and capacitance testing functions.

Mid-Range – Field-Optimised

Choose the right multimeter for your own specific application with the five models available in Hioki’s DT4200 series standard range!

The DT4252 is the first model in this range and is an improved version of the pocket-sized DT4222 for laboratory/R&D use. This DMM can test DC/AC voltage up to a wider range of 1000V, can test AC/DC current to 10A and also checks frequency, resistance, diode, continuity and capacitance.

Working in HVAC? The DT4253 is optimised for measuring air conditioning equipment and gas burning devices with a DC 60µA range for measuring burner flame currents.  Or for those working in solar installation, the DT4254 is specifically created for measuring photovoltaic modules and other high-voltage targets up to 1700V DC!

The standard model range is finished by the DT4255 which is optimised for safety with fuse-protected voltage terminals and the multifunctional DT4256 which tests every electrical parameter including voltage, current, frequency, resistance, capacitance, diode, and continuity.

Professional Models – Advanced Functionality

Highly accurate with wider measurement range and other functionality such as datalogging capabilities using Hioki’s software, the final two models in the DT4200 series are must-haves for professional users.

The DT4281 is optimised for field electrical work and can test AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current and also can test using AC clamps.

The DT4282 is made for laboratory use and tests absolutely everything across an extremely wide measurement range including DC/AC voltage from 60mV to 1000V, DC/AC current from 600µA to 10A and frequency, resistance, continuity, temperature, diode, capacitance and conductance.

Choose Your DT4200 Multimeter!

No matter your application – whether it’s HVAC, testing sockets or analysing complex electrical systems – there’s a Hioki multimeter that’s perfect for the task.

The wide range of abilities of the different models in the DT4200 series caters specifically for the common demands of multimeter users, creating a range that helps you improve your testing abilities significantly. Why waste time with a slower response digital multimeter when you can get the fastest meter on the market instead?

Are you ready to take your testing to the next level? Visit www.tester.co.uk/dmm for more information on how Hioki’s multimeters can benefit you.

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