Superior Flow Measurement- New Coriolis Range Announcement

Bell Flow Systems, one of the UK’s leading flow meter manufacturers and distributors, announce the introduction of their latest range of low cost, high performance coriolis flow meters. Manufactured from stainless steel and available in a choice of design technologies.

Coriolis flow meters are among the fastest-growing flow measurement technologies, the forecast for the worldwide coriolis market is set to exceed £1.08 billion in 2016. Renowned for their outstanding accuracy and versatility in measuring challenging flow applications, coriolis flow meters have been employed in a wide variety of industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, pharmacy, food and beverage for decades.

Coriolis flow meters are multivariable instruments, they provide measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and volume flow and are ideally suited to the measurement of medium to high viscosity liquids, aggressive media and contaminated fluids as well as high density gases. Coriolis flow meter advantages include: straight through flow without moving parts, versatile installation in short pipe runs, true mass flow measurement and increased turndown, flow sensitivity and performance.

Bell Flow Systems’ new coriolis flow meters are available in the following designs; Triangle-shaped, which has the ability to handle large flow volumes with extended turn-down, Micro-bend, a compact version to reduce piping space requirements and reduced pressure drop and U-shaped, ideal for high pressure applications. The coriolis meters are available with flanged, threaded and hygienic connections, in sizes from 1/2” (15mm) up to 8” (200mm) and flow rates of 16kg/h up to 2500 t/h. With an accuracy of ±0.1%, Bell Flow Systems’ latest coriolis flow meters are some of the most accurate flow meters available on the market today.

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About Bell Flow Systems Ltd

Bell Flow Systems Ltd is a leading UK supplier & manufacturer of flow meters and instrumentation for domestic, commercial and industrial applications worldwide.

They offer a wide selection of flow meters to buy and hire including: water flow meters, oil flow meters, gas flow meters, electricity meters, fuel flow meters, turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters and RHI heat meters.

Bell Flow Systems can provide flow meters suitable for virtually any application. Offering solutions that are cost effective and designed to achieve a combination of accuracy and performance.

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