STEMMER IMAGING takes Triniti lighting technology to application level

STEMMER IMAGING is a launch partner for the new Triniti integrated machine vision LED lighting technology from Gardasoft. Users of STEMMER IMAGING’s Common Vision Blox (CVB) machine vision software get a dedicated application with a single graphical interface to set up the camera and lighting, visualise the timing and captured image and save the settings to the camera and controller.

Triniti’s novel approach to lighting control provides non-expert users access to expert machine vision lighting techniques to create, configure and commission vision systems with LED lighting without the risk of damaging the lights. STEMMER IMAGING extends Triniti’s integration of lighting control through to application level software through its CVB interface for Sherlock, the versatile machine vision software platform from Teledyne DALSA. Sherlock offers a rich suite of proven vision tools and advanced algorithms that can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications, while a graphical point and click program construction enables rapid prototyping. 

Triniti consists of three key components. In addition to an API and GigE Vision interface to control the light, the light and controller talk to each other through Gardasoft’s patented LED light controller technology and the ‘Triniti chip’. The Triniti chip is either built into the lights themselves or the light cabling and holds the data on the lights specification, stores dynamic usage data and can return measurements from sensors within the lights. 

Two of the world’s leading machine vision lighting manufacturers, CCS and Smart Vision Lights, are the leading Triniti partners for LED lighting. As developers of CVB and distribution partners for Gardasoft, Teledyne DALSA, CCS and Smart Vision Lights, STEMMER IMAGING is able to supply all the component parts required to implement Triniti, as well as providing the expert technical support for the entire system down to application level.

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