SoCalGas launches online tool for sharing infrared methane monitoring data

SoCalGas has launched a new, interactive online tool that allows members of the public to view data from a network of methane monitors that have been installed at the company’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility.

Eight pairs of monitors have been installed along the facility’s border with the Porter Ranch community to record methane levels around-the-clock.

The interactive web page displays a map indicating the location of the fence-line methane monitoring devices. By clicking on any of the fence-line monitor icons, users can view a chart with data showing methane levels in parts per million, recorded in five-minute increments over the previous 24 hours.

“We are excited to launch this tool and make data from our fence-line monitors available to members of the community,” said Lisa Alexander, SoCalGas vice president for customer solutions and communications. “This new tool will offer the community near real-time information about methane levels at the facility and will supplement a single methane monitoring station operated by the community. This initial launch included input from members of the community and we will continue to seek the public’s feedback as we make enhancements to the web page.”

In addition to methane levels, the online tool displays data from three weather stations in the area. Clicking on a weather station icon, or moving the computer mouse over the methane data charts, allows users to see weather data, including wind speed and direction.

A help guide on the right side of the screen assists new users with understanding the system. If a monitor is offline due to maintenance or inclement weather, the screen shows an “O” for offline.

The fence-line web page is the latest in a series of technology and safety enhancements that have improved monitoring at the field. Others include:

  • Around-the-clock pressure monitoring of all wells in a 24-hour operations centre.
  • Daily patrols to visually examine every well four times each day.
  • Daily scanning of each well, using sensitive infrared thermal imaging cameras that can detect leaks.
  • Enhanced training for our employees and contractors.
  • Images of the fence-line infrared methane monitoring system can be found here.

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