Signatrol manufactures and supplies a wide range of data loggers and data logging systems for customers mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We specialise in monitoring products in production, storage and distribution and have several data loggers suitable for use in industrial applications such as our SL7000 range, SL2100 and our flagship wireless data logging system, SpYdaq.

With over 20 years of experience, Signatrol’s data logging devices are designed to give customers total monitoring, recording and alarming. Many of our temperature data loggers are EN 12830 compliant for use in the transport, storage and distribution of chilled food, frozen and deep-frozen food or quick-frozen food and ice cream.

Our data loggers are mainly used to monitor the environmental conditions of sensitive goods and keep products safe during storage or transportation.

Signatrol’s products for industrial applications are robust and meet the highest quality standards. We also offer a calibration service traceable to UKAS standards.

Signatrol’s Versatile SL7000

Signatrol’s SL7000 data logger features a flexible combination of inputs, from a single temperature up to four universal inputs each. This means the SL7000 can be directly configured with Signatrol’s TempIT-PRO Software to accept any combination of several input types including RTD / Pt100, Thermocouple (Types J, K, T, R, S, B, N) with isolated tip, 4/20mA and 0–10VDC. This versatility makes the SL7000 particularly suitable for data logging in many different industrial applications.

All SL7000 data loggers have an internal temperature sensor and a digital input which can be used as a trigger to start logging or as a pulse counter for interfacing with flow meters or other sensors with a pulse output. 

An optional internal relative humidity sensor with ±2% accuracy is available on all units as well as an optional external temperature and relative humidity sensor. This gives a total of nine possible channels to log requirements such as internal temperature, internal pulse counter, internal relative humidity, external temperature or external relative humidity.


Signatrol’s High Performance SL2100

The SL2100 is a high-performance data logger with 16-bit resolution. Supplied with EasyView software. It has eight channels that can be configured via software to accept mA, mV, low level DC voltage and thermocouple sensors. Three additional channels can be configured as pulse counters or digital inputs.

Although mains powered, the SL2100 has internal batteries that will last eight hours in the event of a power failure. There is enough internal memory to log 112,000 readings at sample rates from once per second to once per day in one second increments.

The SL2100 can be configured to log ‘off-line’ to its own internal memory, or, if connected to a computer, ‘on-line’. Where the data are stored on the hard disk of the computer. When using ‘on-line’ mode, data can be display as a real-time graph. The SL2100 also has a relay output that can be used as an alarm output.

The SL2100 is supplied with the EasyView software and a convenient carry case.


Signatrol’s Low Cost Wireless SpYdaq

SpYdaq offers a low-cost wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system for any kind of industrial application where the temperature or humidity of the manufacturing or packing facility for example, needs to be monitored.

SpYdaq allows users to deploy sensors in various locations without the restrictions and cost of hard wiring and monitor results from a PC, either locally or anywhere in the world via web access with easy to use software.

Ideal for food manufacturing and warehouse sites, SpYdaq offers an easy to install, affordable alternative to hard wired monitoring systems.  There is no capital investment to make since Signatrol is offering the hardware free of charge in return for use of the software especially developed for use with SpYdaq.

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