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Sierra instruments are manufacturers of an extensive range of industrial thermal mass, Vortex and clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters. All complimented by our range of scientific thermal mass flow meters and controllers. Examples can be viewed at the Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition. Stand number E11
Below is a summary of the instruments available from Sierra: –
Industrial thermal mass flow meters – for use on gas applications
We have a range of instruments available to suit most gas applications: –
The 620S – for “Light” engineering applications requiring an insertion thermal mass flow meter.
    • The most cost effect instrument in our range, but also having the fastest response time
    • Available with & without display, plus remote transmitter option.
    • 4-20 mA output signal representing 0 to 100% of range, plus options for pulsed output & Modbus
Download the 620S data sheet for more details: –
The 640S – for more arduous insertion applications
    • Fully ATEX approved
    • Life time warranty of the flow sensor
    • Line pressures up to 34.5 bar g
    • Temperatures up to 400 deg. C
    • Full range of signal and pulsed outputs
    • Full range of digital communications
    • In-situ calibration verification
    • Low & high pressure “hot-tap” versions available
Download the 640S data sheet for more details: –
Video available
Explanation of how we can offer a lifetime warranty for our flow sensors
The 780S & 780-UHP in-line versions
    • Fully ATEX Approved
    • Integral conditioning plates, reducing “straight-length” requirements.
    • Line pressures up to flange rating or 34.5 bar when threaded connections selected
    • Temperatures up to 177 deg. C
    • Ultra high purity (UHP) instruments available
    • Line sizes from ¼ to 8 inch
Download the 780S data sheet for more details: –
The 640i insertion & 780i in-line – high accuracy thermal mass flow meters
    • 780i +/- 0.5% of indicated flow rate over the top 50% of the scale
    • 640i +/- 0.75% of indicated flow rate over the top 50% of the scale
    • Integral temperature sensor, with option of pressure sensor
    • Velocities up to 300 std. metres/second
    • Line pressures up to flange rating or 34.5 bar for threaded connections and insertion options
    • Line sizes for the 640i can be changed on site
    • Other attributes in terms of outputs, life-time warranty of flow sensor, digital communications and in-situ calibration verification as the 640S & 780S
Download the 640i/780i data sheet for more details: –
Videos available
How does a thermal mass flow meter work?
In-situ calibration validation of our thermal mass flow meters
240i/241i Vortex flow meters – for use on steam, gas & liquid applications
    • 240i In-line and 241i insertion versions available
    • Integral temperature (& pressure) transmitters for multi-variable applications
    • Fully ATEX approved
    • Line sizes from ½ to 8 inch for in-line versions
    • Line sizes from 2 to 72 inch for the insertion versions
    • Duty can be changed on site for both versions
    • On site changes to line size can be made for insertion versions
Download the 240i/241i data sheet for more details: –
Videos available
Introduction to the 240i/241i Vortex flow meters
How to install, remove and operate a 241i (insertion) vortex flow meter with retractor
207i Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meter
The 207i has a large backlit display. Used with its visual sensor spacing tool, slightly move the sensors together or apart to position the indicator line between “goal post” shown on the display for optimum signal strength.
    • Accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading
    • Line sizes from 2 to 236 inches (50 to 6000 mm)
    • Clamp-on or insertion transducers measure bi-directional flow
    • Optional clamp-on or insertion PT100 temperature inputs for thermal energy/BTU measurement
    • Standard transducers operating range minus 10 to 80 deg. C
    • High temperature transducers operating range minus 10 to 150 deg. C
    • Keypad with 16 tactile key with 14 dual-function keys with audible feedback
    • Flow totaliser
    • Internal memory data logger
Download 207i data sheet for more details: –
Videos available
Introducing the new 207i clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter
Use of the “smart interface portal” used with the 207i
How to install & operate the 207i
Scientific thermal mass flow meters & controllers (capillary type)
The 100 Series is our primary range of scientific mass flow meters & controllers
The range is diverse: –
    • A range of customised full scale reading values from 0 – 4 sccm to 0 – 1000 slpm
    • Operating pressures up to 5000 p.s.i.g (333 bar g)
    • With “Dial-A-Gas” technology, you select from up to 10 pre-programmed gases or substitute your own
    • Unique pilot module (mounted or hand-held) allows you to view and change critical control functions
    • Industrial version having IP67 enclosure
Download 100 Series data sheet for more details: –
Videos available
How capillary thermal mass flow meters work
Discover the “Swiss Army Knife” of mass flow controllers
CalTrak primary standard gas flow calibration systems

Contact Details:
Sierra Instruments B.V. – European Head Office

  1. +31 72 5071400


U.K. Sales Manager – Martin Rowe

  1. +44 (0) 7752 799063

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