Servo Innovations named representatives for Moog within the US and Canadian automotive testing markets

Servo Innovations has been appointed as authorised sales representatives for Moog within the US and Canadian automotive testing markets, for the company’s test controllers, high-performance hydraulic and electric actuation products, and software.

Founded in 2005 by 30-year global automotive test engineering and calibration expert, Troy Diller, Servo Innovations offers both in-house and in-field A2LA accredited calibrations of multiple sensing technology types. Calibration services include, though are not limited to, strain gauge load cells, displacement sensors, torque transducers, inclinometers, speed sensors, pressure transducers, and temperature sensors. In addition, Servo Innovations offers full maintenance and recertification services for a variety of industry hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic test equipment, including dynamometer systems and controllers. Additional related services include test equipment diagnostics, troubleshooting, predictive maintenance strategy development, spare parts reconditioning services and custom test frame development.

Under its new agreement with Moog, Servo Innovations will be actively selling and promoting Moog Test Controllers, test software, Hydraulic Simulation Tables (HST), and 4-post vehicle road simulators within its authorized territory. In addition, Servo Innovations will continue to offer its own full course of services to the industry, including its renowned automotive test engineering consulting services.

Servo Innovations CEO, Troy Diller, commented: “The team at Servo Innovations is pleased to be serving Moog as its authorized sales representatives within the U.S. and Canadian automotive testing markets. That is a combined market we know extremely well, obviously, from our many years of experience. It is also one where we have the unique ground-level visibility and expertise required to address real-time customer technology challenges. For our automotive customers, we truly feel that our capability to now offer world-class Moog products will be to their immediate and direct benefit. It is also our goal, in parallel, to continue to add value to our extended customer base in all markets with the full range of products and services we already offer as Servo Innovations.”

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