Sensors & Instrumentation exhibition to feature the latest in sensors, test, measurement and control

When the doors to Hall 3 open at 9:30am on Wednesday 25th September, visitors to Sensors & Instrumentation at the NEC, Birmingham, will be able to see a whole host of instrumentation solutions, some of which will be launched to the UK for the first time.

The two-day show is the ideal platform for those looking to source and specify products and to learn about the latest technologies. Not only will visitors get the chance to see a wide variety of solutions all in one place, but they will be able to witness product demonstrations, learn about and try new products, and discuss application queries with engineers. There is also a comprehensive seminar programme taking place throughout the event, with speakers from companies including Bronkhorst and National Instruments (visit the website for more details).

If that’s not enough, this year’s event will be co-locating with two other exhibitions: Micro, Nano, Mems; and the brand new Machine Building show, enabling visitors to get even more from their day at the NEC.

So what can you expect to see at Sensors & Instrumentation 2013?

Making the most of your visit

On the Bronkhorst UK stand, senior R&D Engineers will be available to discuss not only current application needs but also any future needs that might be required across industry, research and academia.

One future need is the requirement to measure the composition and quality of natural gas within national grids as these are likely to vary enormously as a result of blending sources from different countries, the addition of biogas and the periodical variations of both these gas types. At the same time, the actual introduction of biogas into national grids is being hindered by the absence of cost-effective, reliable but miniature devices for measurement of the energy content of fuel gases. So, Bronkhorst has taken the first steps in developing an ‘on-chip’ fuel gas energy content measurement system. This incorporates an integrated micro Wobbe index meter, consisting of two gas inlets, a mixer, a combustion chamber, heaters, temperature sensors and an exhaust outlet, together with an ultra-sensitive micro Coriolis mass flow meter, suitable for accurate mass flow and density measurement of the gases.

Other developments are the result of economic stresses. The company has conquered many recent challenges set down by Thermal Mass Flow Controller users to considerably increase the speed of response, to further improve overall accuracy, to reduce user stock inventory with even wider on-board re-rangeability, insensitivity to gas type and an even further developed ‘plug-and-play’ usability. All these features are now combined in one instrument – find out more on this at the show.

In addition, following its introduction at last year’s event, it has dedicated space for a ‘Learning Zone’ where  equipment will be available for a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning about various measurement techniques, software tools and the tricks-of-the-trade for PID control, valve/pump steering and thermal mass flow in-situ calibration checking.

New products from Dewetron & Dewesoft will also be on display this year, including the SIRIUS fan-less data acquisition systems, which are designed for harsh environments where cooling is often an issue. Dewesoft increases channel density with the 16ch SIRIUS HD range for voltage and strain gauge measurements, which can also be integrated into a system with up to 128 channels. Dewesoft has also introduced SIRIUS high-speed modules with a sample of 1MS/s and 16bit resolution, in the same SIRIUS packaging, so 200KS/s modules can be mixed with 1MS/s modules for maximum measurement flexibility. The Dewetron DEWE2 range of data acquisition platforms will also be featured at the show.

Michell Instruments will be using the show to launch the compact and cost-effective XZR200 oxygen analyser, which is capable of measuring percentage oxygen to better than 1% of span (or 0.5% O2) with ranges of 0-25% and 0-100% available.

The analyser offers four configuration options, with two choices of probe length and two temperature ranges. The lower temperature range (up to +250°C) is suitable for relatively low-temperature applications such as food and drink packaging, while the higher temperature range of up to +400°C serves combustion control and metal treatment applications. Depending on the application, the XZR200 may also be configured to measure in either 0-25% or 0-100% oxygen concentrations. The company will also be displaying its MDM300 high-speed portable hygrometer, as well as the full range of dew-point transmitters, RH probes and calibration systems.

Also taking part this year is National Instruments, which will be demonstrating new products including LabVIEW 2013. Building a system ‘right’ ensures quality and reliability, minimizes maintenance costs, enables team-based development, and guarantees the accuracy and performance of the system. With this in mind, new features and resources have been added which help users write better quality code and build systems using good architectures and development practices.

Visitors will also be able to find out about cRIO-9068, a new software-designed controller for the CompactRIO platform, and the new NI Data Dashboard which enables engineers to control their application from their smart phone or tablet using built in switches, buttons and numeric inputs.

Not only will Micro-Epsilon be presenting its full range of products, but its stand will stage ‘live’ working demonstrations, where sensors will be set up to capture measurements from real-world applications. Visitors will also be invited to take part in a ‘Sensor Challenge’ to test their knowledge of the various non-contact measuring techniques.

Other highlights will include the new scanCONTROL 2600/2900, the latest innovation in the company’s range of 2D/3D laser profile scanners. This is even more compact and lightweight than its predecessors. The company will also be showing the eddyNCDT 3100 displacement sensor, which features groundbreaking Embedded Coil Technology (ECT). In addition, Micro-Epsilon will showcase its latest thermoIMAGER TIM 450 inline infrared thermal imager; and the thermoMETER CSmicro, a miniature sensor with a diameter of just 14mm, and with the electronics unit now fully integrated in the cable.

Another exhibitor is Micro-Hybrid Electronic, a provider of standard and customer specific infrared sensor components, systems and modules. Products on show will include evaluation tools, NDIR gas measurement technology for harsh environments, and a new technology for hermetically sealed packaging. Micro-Hybrid is part of the Micro-Epsilon Group.

Also on show

According to FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, it is thrilled to present its latest electronic displays and measurement devices at the upcoming Sensors & Instrumentation. The company supplies load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors, and custom sensors. Specialising in the research and development of advanced sensing devices, its products are used in industry applications such as medical, aerospace, automotive, and automation robotics. FUTEK is also known for the introduction of USB Technology into test-measurement platforms.

Keller will be displaying its new LD series, said to be the smallest fully functional digital combination transmitter for pressure and temperature. With this, all the electronic components are accommodated in a laser-welded stainless steel housing filled with silicone oil which, despite being just 11mm in diameter, contains the sensor technology, the (mathematical) compensation coefficients, the digital signal processing and the I2C interface for simple, loss-free integration into higher-level systems. Made of stainless steel or Hastelloy, the housing not only acts as a Faraday cage but also offers appropriate protection against electromagnetic radiation and all potential environmental influences. The use of Keller’s Chip-in-Oil technology means extremely short signal paths with exceptionally high impact and vibration resistance are realised. The Series 4 LD is the smallest of four versions; with larger models measuring 15mm, 17mm and 19mm also available for relative pressure measurements. These also have an additional temperature range.

Also exhibiting this year is InfraTec. The company develops and manufactures pyroelectric infrared detectors which are used for high-precision gas analysis as well as for fire and flame detection. These are in a modular construction consisting of approximately 50 standard types. Also available are detectors with reduced microphonic technology and integrated operational amplifier, as well as a new detector family with tuneable filter on MOEMS process.

The infrared measurement technology business unit not only sells infrared cameras but also delivers turn-key automation solutions. The thermal cameras of the latest generation have megapixel resolution – VarioCAM high definition and the self-developed high-end thermal ImageIR 9300 – providing excellent geometric resolution, extremely high frame rates and an extensive assortment of equipment and accessories. Completing the product range are software solutions for data acquisition and evaluation completes the range of high quality products.

Instruments Direct will be launching Ahlborn’s Almemo 710 data logger. This offers intuitive operation but, for more complex applications, has a software wizard and online help via pop up windows. Measurement, top middle, and limit values can be displayed in lists, bar and line graphs. For the professional user there is an auto-configurable user menu. This has a desktop housing with a protective rubber coating so field measurements can be made in difficult industrial environments, and it can also be rail mounted. Measurement data can be stored on an 8MB flash memory and later downloaded to a PC and activated as a circular buffer.  Furthermore a microSD card can be easily added to offer extra storage space.

Standex-Meder Electronics will once again exhibit at Sensors & Instrumentation, which it states is an ‘important trade fair for components, systems and applications’. On show will be highlights of the recently expanded product range – via the combination of MEDER electronic and Standex Electronics – the new KT and UMS Reed Relays Series, the MK27 Reed Sensor in an aluminium housing, and Planar Transformers, which provide high-performance power from a compact, low-profile package. The company will also exhibit its complete portfolio of reed switch-based solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of magnetics, including transformers and inductors, and current sense transformers.

Yueng Shing – Target Valve – a valve manufacturer from Taiwan, is also taking part in Sensors & Instrumentation 2013. The company’s products include a 3-way ball valve. The design of this has no limit for the inlet and outlet, and keeps a pressure of 1000WOG/ PN63 in order to comprehensively pass on the fluid.

Altheris and will be sharing a booth at the event. will not only be showing its standard range of sensors, but will be displaying recently launched products including semi-finished modular products and a range of low profile sensors. Engineering staff will be on hand to discuss applications with visitors. Altheris, meanwhile, is a supplier of industrial and marine joystick and footpedal controllers in potentiometric and Hall Effect technologies, together with industrial rotary and linear potentiometers. Joysticks with ATEX approved potentiometers and switches are also available.

Another exhibitor this year is EMC Hire which, for the last 15 years, has applied itself to the specialised EMC + RF rental business. The company is now expanding its interests by entering into mainland Europe. Although offering a diverse range of different manufacturer’s products, all are bonded together with EMC Hire’s in-house software, creating compatibility and integration for the end user’s ease of operation and confidence. The software is a principal corner stone of the system hire and is marketed as a separate product.

Visitors to the stand of industrial cable manufacturer, Habia Cable Group, will be able to view its new and innovative product range, launched in response to increased demands for greater flexibility, performance and safety in measurement and temperature sensing applications. Smaller in size and lighter in weight, Habiasense cables are designed for measurement and sensing requirements in applications ranging from vibration and pressure to radiation, flow and gas in highly sensitive environments. There are four different cable types in the family – HT1, HT2, ZH1 and ZH2 – and many sub-variations to choose from.

Also available are the Habiatherm family. Although these have existed for some time, the technology has recently been upgraded to meet a wider range of temperature sensing specifications. These cables are designed for many applications, such as air-flow systems or liquids such as slurry mixes or molten steel. The Habiatherm family also incorporates a wide variety of extension and compensation cables. Find out more by visiting the company at Sensors & Instrumentation.

Kemo, meanwhile, will be exhibiting a range of signal filters, including the versatile BenchMaster 21M highpass/lowpass filter in a small compact portable package. This has a versatile input, including gain, signal level indication, and an IEPE input; and offers a range of frequencies covering 0.1Hz to 98kHz. A range of filter responses are available to cover most applications.  The Kemo range covers easy to use fixed frequency DIN Rail mounted filters, with gain, and IEPE inputs, through to computer controlled multichannel filter amplifier systems.

For more than 50 years Micro-Measurements, a product line of Vishay Precision Group, has been at the forefront of strain gauge technology. As a result, it will be displaying the latest addition to its StrainSmart data systems, System 8000, an innovative 8-channel multi-input system with 1000 samples/second/channel performance, optional built-in self-calibration, Ethernet interface, plus the unrivalled ease-of-use and data integrity provided through its StrainSmart software. The company will also be showing its new range of high-resistance strain gauges.

Another exhibitor is test and measurement supplier, Hydrotechnik. This is the official supplier of Minimess Pressure Test Points which offer a simple method of accessing low or high pressure systems for the purpose of pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging. It will be demonstrating the use of a number of its Portable Minimess Pressure Test Kits.

The company offers a huge range of hydraulic pressure test kits, each of which contains all the necessary equipment, including analogue pressure gauges that are suitable for all test point variants and pipe adaptors tailored to suit mostly all hydraulic machines or systems. Hydrotechnik will be showcasing three top sellers with heavy show discounts applicable on all its kits.

Fylde Electronic Laboratories, an independent instrumentation company which specialises in the design and manufacture of modular signal conditioning equipment, will also be taking part. The company is heavily involved in measurements on propulsion and power generation gas turbines, particularly in the acquisition of blade strain and blade tip clearance data. Its general purpose instruments include strain gauge amplifiers for both static and high speed dynamic work; load, pressure and force measurement sensors, etc. It also offers bespoke design and manufacture and is qualified to ISO9001.

Binder UK will be showing circular connectors, with products including M5, M8 and M12 sensor connectors widely used in the sensor, instrumentation and automation markets. New M12 products will also be on display including high current versions rated at 12A, over-moulded connectors with welding spark resistant PUR cables and duo-connecting cords with shielded cable. Also on display will be the new 770 Series NCC connector range.

In addition, Kistler Instruments will be showing its wide range of piezoelectric sensors and systems for production, test and measurement.

Register now to attend!

The companies and products above are just a glimpse of what you can expect to see at the exhibition this year. Visit the website for detailed information on the seminar programme, and to register to attend.

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