Sensor Technology expands product range

Banbury based Sensor Technology Ltd has recently added to its range of strain, torque and load sensors and readouts.

The WSG series transmitters: Allow any manufacturer’s strain gauge to send readings to Sensor Technology’s wide range of displays and readouts, which can be located at a distance from the gauge itself.

Alternatively, they can be used with Sensor Technology’s PC-based software so that, as well as direct read out, analysis and interpretation can be completed instantly.

The transmitters are for use with 350 ohm strain gauges and above. Calibration data is set using simple interface software. The wireless signal transmission is based on the unrestricted 2.4GHz technology, so does not need an operating licence.

There is no need to install and protect long cable runs from the gauge to the readout, the WSG units create a versatile and easy to install system. This also makes it simple to move the equipment between installations if required.

Models include the WSG-STD unit, which is DIN rail mountable and powered by a standard 11-32V DIN rail supply. The WSG-STM variant is designed for bench or wall mounting and has an internal rechargeable battery; it also has a socket so that it can also be powered from an external 11-32V supply. Both versions have a USB port for connection for a PC for programming. More Information

LoadSense: Originally used with helicopters carrying underslung loads in cargo nets, has now been adapted for use on ground-based materials handling equipment. Constant load monitoring used to be very difficult, but Sensor Technology has developed the perfect solution.

The increasing globalisation of the world economy is pressurising ports, docks and harbours into handling ever-increasing volumes of cargo, so mobile harbour equipment has to work efficiently and reliably at all times.

LoadSense is an intelligent load sensor that can easily be integrated with a mobile harbour crane. It is fully automatic so causes no disruption to normal operations. Special training is not required; instead comprehensive and easily understood information becomes instantly available to operators and managers alike.

LoadSense has become a favourite amongst harbour crane operators as an important enabling technology to improve safety, asset availability, productivity and profitability. For instance, you may need to know how much material you have transported, or you could be handling two or more materials simultaneously which need to be accounted for individually. A common scenario is where multiple customers’ cargos are being handled at the same time; here LoadSense gives operators the information they need in order to invoice each appropriately.

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Scientist with equipment laboratory for science concept.

The digital ORT230/240 optical rotary torque transducers: Recently launched this sets new benchmark performance standards, ideal for applications when the demand is for low torque and/or high bandwidth, providing precise, dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque of less than 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz.

The ORT 230/240 series offers benefits including all-new electronics, delivering significant gains in resolution, frequency response, reduced sensor current consumption and faster digital data throughput.

The high speed capability comes from an inherently low inertia, since the electronics are not fixed to the shaft, while non-contact operation ensures a long and reliable life (backed up by Sensor Technology’s lifetime warranty) with high accuracy. The optical operating principle also ensures excellent noise immunity.

TorqSense ORT230 series sensors provide fixed voltage or current analogue outputs – one for torque and one for either speed or power, whilst TorqSense ORT240 provides two user selectable voltage or current analogue outputs – one for torque and the other for either speed, power or peak torque. Digital outputs including RS232, CANbus and USB for interfacing with laptops.
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Pay as you Sense: Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects.

Sensor Technology already has a rental option in place for all its TorqSense range of torque sensors. Potential users can choose to rent the equipment, rather than purchase it, thus circumventing the bottleneck of raising capital purchase approval. And to help companies along, if they decide that they want to hold onto their equipment for longer than they had anticipated, Sensor Technology are happy to convert the rental to a sale, with a percentage of the hire fee already paid offset against the purchase price.

This is particularly beneficial in academia and the high tech industries. Brunel University has used Sensor Technology’s rental service on a developmental project for a motor sports client, while Oxford University is a regular and canny user. Another is a West Country satellite technology developer which had a need to test ballscrews to the point where they could be confident that they would work once blasted into orbit. More Information

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