Sensor company JonDeTech signs a commercial cooperation agreement with ShortLink

The manufacturer of the world’s smallest IR sensor, JonDeTech, has signed a commercial cooperation agreement with ShortLink with the intention of collaborating on future development of new products using sensor technology. ShortLink specialises in the development of low-power electronics for wireless communication and portable products.

As announced earlier by Swedish sensor company JonDeTech, the company already is collaborating with the ShortLink competence center on prototype testing of presence detection in a future consumer product. The presence-sensitive product developed by ShortLink is expected to be launched in the first half of 2019, in a first step on the European market.

Now, the two companies takes a second natural step forward in their cooperation, by signing a commercial cooperation agreement with the purpose of collaborating in future development projects where JonDeTech’s sensor is applicable.

“This is a logical next step, and I see great opportunities working close with ShortLink, who specialise in design, development and integration of advanced electronic products for wireless communication in a variety of applications. Electronics products is an important and the ideal area for our sensor, that we also refer to as IR sensor 2.0,” says Robert Ekström, CEO of JonDeTech.

“We have a good and well-functioning collaboration with JonDeTech regarding the development of a consumer product with presence detection and that we now sign a commercial cooperation agreement feels the right step for our continued work together,” said Martin Valfridsson, CEO of ShortLink. ”JonDeTech’s sensor has a very favorable form and price factor and we see good opportunities to use the sensor in several current and future development projects.”

JonDeTech’s sensors are very small and thin (thickness 0.17 mm), compared to conventional sensors, which enables them to be integrated into a variety of products at a low cost. IR sensor 2.0 can be produced at high volumes at a very low cost, making it suitable for consumer consumer electronics, but also within the Internet of Things, medical technology, construction technology and other areas where there is a need for high-volume IR sensors.

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