Sensirion AG at Sensors & Instrumentation – Stand E22

As a manufacturer of high-quality sensors and smart sensor solutions, Sensirion will be displaying a range of products on Stand E22



Sensirion is a leading sensor manufacturer, providing relative humidity sensors and flow sensor solutions with unique performance. Together with its capacitive humidity sensor, its product range includes liquid flow sensors, mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, gas, barometric pressure and differential pressure sensors. Using its microsensor solutions, OEM customers benefit from the proven CMOSens® Technology and excellent technical support. Among a large variety of applications, the flow and humidity sensors are successfully used in the automotive and medical industry.



Sensirion is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital relative humidity and temperature sensors. Its portfolio of relative humidity and temperature sensors have become established as the industry standard – mainly due to their high performance and integration (CMOSens® Technology) in a miniature format. According to the company, the capacitive humidity and temperature sensors provide digital and fully calibrated output which allows for easy integration without the need for additional calibration. The excellent long term stability has been very well perceived and the cutting edge low energy consumption is unrivalled and makes them the right choice for any remote application, the company explains.



The company produces also high precision liquid flow meters with measurement ranges down to nanoliters per minute. These are designed for medical devices, HPLC, biotech and laboratory applications. Sensirion’s liquid flow sensors establish new standards wherever low liquid flow monitoring, liquid handling and liquid dosing are important. Its unique CMOSens® Technology allows users to measure the liquid flow even through the wall of the flow channel (US Patent 6183944) in milliliters, microliters or even nanoliters per minute. Applications in fields like medical devices, diagnostics and process technology benefit daily from Sensirion’s solutions.



Sensirion’s mass flow meters for accurate and reliable measurement of gas flow are successfully used in medical, HVAC and industrial applications. In fact with the company’s long history of designing mass flow solutions for medical and industrial automation, Sensirion is able to support you in the development of new products. Its mass flow meters ensure fast, accurate and economical measurements of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. They are extremly reliable and long-term stable and are free from zero-point drift. At the heart of every mass flow sensor is a MEMS based calorimetric microsensor, which measures the gas flow using the thermal measurement principle. The sensor element is integrated with the complete signal conditioning electronics on one single chip. This integrated technological approach – provided by the CMOSens® Technology – results in excellent performance at a very attractive cost.



Sensirion’s mass flow controllers are characterized by fast and accurate control of gas flow over a wide dynamic range and are designed for analytical instruments and different coating processes (photovoltaic or the like). Based on the innovative CMOSens® Technology, the heart of these mass flow controllers is a calorimetric microsensor (MEMS), which is integrated with the complete signal conditioning electronics on one single chip. While the flow is measured using the thermal measurement principle, efficient control is provided by an analog controlling circuit. This approach results in excellent performance and reliability – at a very attractive cost.



Differential pressure sensors for gases are another smart sensor solution. They are designed for demanding medical and HVAC applications. The fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensors offer highest accuracy and resolution, especially at very low differential pressures. According to Sensirion, the small and cost-effective design makes them an ideal match for price-sensitive solutions, e.g. in medical and HVAC applications. Sensirion’s digital and analog differential pressure sensors are mostly used to measure mass air flow in a bypass configuration. In many high-volume applications, these provide a low-cost alternative to complete flow sensors.



Sensor solutions can be developed based on customer-specifc requirements and adapted to produce individual, optimum OEM solutions for the most diverse needs and requirements.

For applications not covered by standard commercial products, Sensirion offers individual OEM solutions and special customized system solutions which offer value for money. The company aims to always offer refined and economical products that exactly meet your needs. Our many years of experience make this possible. See for yourself by coming along to Stand E22.


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