Safety Sensors ST Series

The sensors of the ST series from Pizzato Elettrica are suitable for the monitoring of protective devices on machines without inertia and allow the system in which they are used to reach a safety category up to SIL 3 acc. To EN 62061 as well as up to PL e and Category 4 acc. To EN ISO 13849-1. They are used in combination with the corresponding safety module.

These sensors use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and provide high protection against possible manipulation thanks to the uniqueness of the codes transmitted by the actuator. Because they have no mechanical elements, they guarantee a long service life even in applications with frequent operating cycles and under harsh environmental conditions.

Main features
connection in series of several sensors

One of the most important features of the ST series is the possibility of connecting up to 32 sensors in series, while still maintaining the maximum safety level (PL e) laid down in EN ISO 13849-1. This connection type is permissible in safety systems which have a safety module at the end of the chain that monitors the outputs of the last ST sensor.
The fact that the PL e safety level can be maintained even with 32 sensors connected in series demonstrates the extremely secure structure of each sensor of the ST series.

Signalling leds

ST series sensors feature 4 status-signalling leds for quick immediate diagnosis, which highlight the status of each input and output. The leds indicate the position of the actuator through different colors, in order to understand when it is moved inside the safe activation zone or when it entries into the limit activation zone.

Protection degree ip67 and ip69k 

The ST series sensors can be used in all environments where maximum protection degree of the housing is required, and they pass the IP67 immersion test acc. To EN 60529. Due to their special design, these devices are also suitable for use in equipment subjected to cleaning with high pressure hot water jets and meet the IP69K test requirements according to ISO 20653.


Pizzato Elettrica supplies a programmable version of the ST series sensors. With a simple and brief operation, the sensor can be programmed to recognise the code of a new actuator. After programming has been completed, the sensor only recognises the code of the last programmed actuator, thereby preserving the safety level and the reliability of the system in which it is installed.

Chance to choose between 3 different actuator types

These devices are extremely versatile, for it is possible to choose among 3 kind of actuators with different fixing and actuating directions. This means that the sensors can be installed on all types of machines and guards, both large and small.

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