Safe measurement, indication and control of rotational speed

Application-Report – Validation and Calibration of Welding Equipment


The speeds of welding wires for manual welding systems, robot welding plants and longer conveyor lines need to be measured (WPQR = Welding Procedure Qualification Records).

It is also necessary to carry out validation and calibration tasks. This is because companies that work in accordance with the standards EN 1090/EN 50504/CE or ISO 9001/9002 have to have their welding equipment calibrated annually.

A further task involves rapid and cost-effective troubleshooting.


The digital hand-held tachometer rotaro Tw (A5-1279) with the special adapter Tw was specially developed for the specific requirements when measuring speeds and lengths in the welding industry.

The easy handling and measuring accuracy of the digital hand-held tachometer rotaro Tw, along with the option enabling the device to be recalibrated according to the required industrial standard, were the main reasons for the purchase decision according to the customer Cloos.

The Tw adapter is plugged onto the digital hand-held tachometer rotaro, allowing it to measure welding wires with a diameter of 0.8 to 3 mm. Typical applications of the rotaro Tw involve calibration, maintenance and service tasks within the welding and wire industry.

In conjunction with the digital hand-held tachometer rotaro, the special adapter Tw complies with the requisite standards and can therefore be utilised as an additional measuring instrument in this field. It is used for measuring the wire feed speed mechanically and serves for determining and monitoring quality-relevant parameters for welding applications during production.

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