Rotronic Introduces a New Pressure Sensor

ROTRONIC has expanded its measurement parameters with the introduction of a pressure sensor with analogue output for controlling processes and other applications. The Rotronic BF220 absolute pressure transmitter with piezo-resistive steel sensor, robust stainless steel body and ½ ”G fitting is ideal for pressure measurement in piping and closed systems. The transmitter is particularly suitable for applications with rapid temperature changes and in compressed air lines and pneumatic systems. The transmitter has a measurement range of 0 – 10 bar, wide temperature range -30…80 °C, good accuracy, high ingress protection rating IP65, with competitive pricing. For compressed air monitoring systems Rotronic can also offer a high precision low dew point sensor (Rotronic product code HC2-LDP).     


Full technical information for the new Rotronic BF220 process pressure transmitter is available on the Rotronic website


Rotronic measuring devices are specified across industries of all types including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, heating/ventilating (BMS & EMS), drying processes and the paper industry, as well as meteorology. Rotronic provides full product support with 24 month warranty.

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