Review Display Systems announces new panels from Tianma/NLT

RDS can supply a large range of industrial and custom panels such as:

  • LCD displays, passive alphanumeric and graphic modules
  • Custom LCD design service
  • Small TFT panels
  • TFT colour displays, screens from 3.5 to 55 inches
  • OLED displays (Organic Light-emitting Diode)
  • EL panels
  • E-INK panels

The range includes high bright units for outdoor use, EL Panels for military and harsh environments, OLED and  E-ink units designed for low power applications and alphanumeric/graphics modules for compact devices and instrumentation. Displays can be optically bonded with our touch panel range at our factory if required.

New panels released recently including the FULL HD NL192108AC21-01 and NL192108BC18-06F. The NL192108AC21-01 is an 18.5”, Superfine/IPS panel which has great viewing angles of 176º/176º and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The panel brightness is 400cd/m2 making it ideal for most industrial applications. The unit comes in two versions with eDP or LVDS interface. The second panel to be released is the NL192108BC18-06F; the 15.6” unit is super bright at 1500 CD/m2 making it ideal for outdoor use. Both panels are available Q1-Q2, 2017. Also new from Tianma/NLT are the 10.1 inch (TM101JVHG3) and the 7.1 inch (TM070JVHG3). The 10.1 inch unit features a built in 10 point PCAP touch panel with a resolution of 1280 x 800. The panel feature Superfine TFT technology which allows high contrast and great viewing angles. The panel also feature an LVDS interface and a wide operating temperature of -20c to +70c.

The new 7 inch unit also feature a 1280×800 resolution and the same patented Superfine TFT technology, LVDS and a high operating temperature range of -20c to +70c.

Touch panels

RDS is a leading supplier of AMT touch solutions, we offer standard and custom parts,  available in 4, 5 & 8 Wire Resistive Touch as well as Projected Capacitive Touch Screens. We have a new range of touch panels and driver boards that operate in wet environments or work through thick cover glass for physically hostile environments.  All our touch panels are available on their own or can be bonded to one of our LCD panels in our clean room.


RDS is a supplier of a large range of single board computers, Industrial Panel PC’s, Gateways for IOT and complete embedded systems. These boards are available in a wide range of options such as different sizes, processors, connectivity and efficiency, all based on the x86 and ARM architectures. These include PC/104, Pico-ITX, Nano-ITX, 3.5in Sub-Compact, EPIC, Mini ITX, 5in Compact, uATX, ATX.

RDS have just introduced the OMNI range of panel PC’s. The new units include the OMNI 3125-BT  panel pc that feature open expansion sockets and add-on pods to give more serial,  network ports or other custom hardware. Units are avail from 10.1 to 22 inch, wide and 4:3 formats.

Arm based systems are becoming more popular, RDS have a range of SOM devices and small custom IMX6 units for high performance and low powered systems. Running either Linux or Android, RDS can custom build systems to your specifications.

The Raspberry PI has been a huge success for prototyping work but they are not ideal for production systems. RDS offers a number of production ready boards in similar format to the PI and using the same 40 pinhead arrangement such as the UP! Board from AAEON. RDS also supports the Raspberry CM3 module specifically designed for industrial uses.

Review display systems is a supplier of Fujitsu, Aaeon and Technexion boards as well as RAM, super-fast and robust hard drives as well as industrial keyboards and trackpads. 


Keyboards and Trackballs
RDS are pleased to be a supplier of the complete range of NSI keyboards and trackballs. They come is a variety of size and can be panel mounted or enclosed. There is a range of Marine certified units which are designed for use is harsh salt water environments. Custom designs can be supplied on request.


Design services
RDS have been designing and building display solutions for over 35 years, we have a (ISO 9001/14001) design and manufacturing facility purpose built for small and large production runs. We can design and build custom touch screen, displays and computer solutions for a huge range of applications from medical to military to industrial systems. We can prototype and assemble custom metalwork, plastics and PCB baseboard designs to customer specifications. RDS works with many testing agencies so we can get your products certified for worldwide markets. If you have a project in mind and need some help, give us a call.



About Us

Review Display Systems is a specialist distributor of Flat Panel Displays, embedded and display systems. RDS represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of LCD, TFT, EL and Plasma Display technologies as well as industry leading Touch screens, display driver boards, Industrial PCs and keyboards.


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