Real-Time On-line and At-Line Measurements Help Food Manufacturers Control Key Parameters in the Manufacturing Process

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, has been working closely with the leading food manufacturers to better control product quality and improve process performance. NDC’s latest generation of Near-Infrared (NIR) on-line gauges and at-line analyzers ensure products are produced to meet their critical quality specifications including product consistency for consumers and process enhancements such as reduced scrap and improved operating efficiency.

“Controlling moisture, fat/oil, seasoning, protein and colour is important to maintain final product quality,” says Dr. Andy Grady, Market Manager for NDC Technologies. “Our MM710e gauge and InfraLab Analyzer are configured out of the box to deliver real-time information about the process so meaningful control can be achieved. It greatly improves processes visibility and reduces manufacturing costs.”

NDC’s dependable MM710e Near-Infrared (NIR) on-line gauge delivers continuous, highly accurate and representative measurements on the production line allowing for better process control and product quality optimization. NDC’s industry leading InfraLab at-Line analyzer provides rapid accurate measurements of moisture, fat and protein in single or multiple component configurations in a variety of food products. With minimal setup, the InfraLab requires no special operator skills, and takes just 5 seconds to make the analysis.


At-Line Near-Infrared Analyzer Enables Snack Food Processors to Measure Degree of Bake or Brownness         

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, offers the InfraLab e-Series at-line analyzer for the accurate and reliable measurement of Degree of Bake (DOB) or Brownness in biscuits, crackers, cookies and snack foods.

Taste, texture and appearance are all key quality attributes that determine the success of a food product in the market. Testing of the product during the manufacturing process for moisture and colour is important to ensure final product consistency and ‘freshness,’ but testing typically requires the use of multiple analytical technologies which are often located in a laboratory remote from the production line.

NDC Technologies has integrated its proven DOB or Brownness measurements into the InfraLab at-line analyzer to provide simultaneous measurements of Moisture, Oil and DOB in five seconds. With no special skill required to operate, the InfraLab delivers process vision far beyond that of conventional testing. This provides unprecedented feedback to the process controller for improved control of Moisture, Oil and DOB which offers financial benefits such as:

  • Reduced start-up times and scrap
  • Production of more consistent, within specification product (minimise “checking”)
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Acrylamide mitigation

The DOB measurement is designed to closely imitate the response of the human eye to changes in brownness and the readings are used as highly repeatable and dependable real-time feedback to the process controller.

NDC Technologies has an extensive network of Sales Representatives and Application Specialists around the globe, backed by over 40 years of experience, making the installation and continued support of the InfraLab e-series easy and guaranteeing consistent, quality measurements.

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