Quick Disconnects Reduce System Build & Maintenance Down Time

The Circlex range of pneumatic quick disconnect couplings, developed for Rolls Royce over a number of years, has been expanded to meet new requirements demanded by their high specification requirement to operate successfully in aviation gas turbine testing. Chell has continued to work closely with some of the biggest names in aviation development, designing and manufacturing a new range of more compact quick disconnect fittings with far reaching applications, including flight.

A safe, simple and cost effective range of couplings, they are easily integrated into any air fed automated system, offering the manufacturer the opportunity to reduce production loss of time in break down and the user to reduce production routine maintenance down time.

Constant product development adds to the range of quick disconnects we can offer. The range has the option of being fitted with an internal automatic valve, which only allows pressure to flow when connection is made with its opposite mating part. This helps to reduce risk, potential accidental leakage and down time – we are also able to offer a customization service to help meet your specific coupling requirements.

The range encompasses a multitude models for use with a single line, right through to our 32 line bulkhead quick disconnect range.  Having been designed to be repeatedly used in harsh environments, including extremes of temperature, vibration and pressure, the fittings are able to be reconditioned on site. We hold a large stock of wearable parts which are easily replaced ensuring a longer sustained component life cycle.


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