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A one stop shop for temperature measurement, ex-stock & bespoke probes & infrared from Process Parameters including Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermistors and Thermocouples. As sole UK distributor for Optris, we also supply non-contact Infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras.  In addition, our range includes temperature controllers, transmitters, temperature indicators and displays, temperature gauges, and float switches. We also offer a calibration service for contact and non-contact probes manufactured by us and others.

The finest components are used to assemble a full selection of standard and bespoke fabricated and mineral insulated probes utilizing Platinum Resistance, Thermocouple or Thermistor technology. All styles or designs are accommodated including specialist process connections, types of construction materials, electrical outputs and electrical connections. A choice of thermowells and pockets is available as well as a variety of other accessories.  All our sensors conform to the relevant applicable British and International standards so are fully interchangeable with those of other manufacturers.  

Process Parameters has a proven track record of over a decade in providing superior industrial measurement products to OEMs, end users and resellers. With a wealth of application knowledge and experience of thermography and manufacturing probes,  we help you choose between Pt100s, Thermocouples or Infrared sensors.

Pt100s are Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors with a resistance of 100O (ohms) at 0°C which changes with temperature. They are suitable for applications in the temperature range  -200°C to 650°C but are more commonly used in the range -100°C to +400°C, e.g. water cooling, oil cooling, refrigeration, food processes and at ambient. They are reliable and can offer a higher degree of accuracy. There are many types of resistance thermometer, often called RTD’s or PRT’s all measuring temperature through a change in electrical resistance of a length of wire. The vast majority are Platinum (Pt) which gives an extremely linear resistance change in relation to temperature and is very stable. Pt1000s have a resistance of 1000O at 0°C.

Thermocouples are made with two dissimilar metals or conductors where temperature difference between the hot and cold junctions (join) generates a small voltage signal which changes with temperature. Best suited to elevated temperatures (up to 1700°C) or very low temperatures (down to -200°C), they are also ideal where there is any vibration (where a Pt100 is more likely break).   If you need a fast response temperature sensor we recommend thermocouples. Each type is given a coding letter to denote each of the alloy combinations. The most common code letters are K, J, T and N. The life of a thermocouple is also something to consider, particularly at extreme temperatures and it may be worth considering infrared pyrometers instead which can measure temperature from outside the process.

The range of Optris non-contact  infrared thermometers we supply includes compact pyrometers with small sensing heads, high performance sensors with dual laser aiming, and hand held Infrared thermometers.  They can measure up to 2200°C, and are perfect for high speed production processes where non-contact probes cannot be used. For applications where sensors may not be the best solution, we may recommend Optris thermal imaging cameras.

Our technicians help identify the best device for your requirements whether you are looking to replace industry standard laser pyrometers or have a new in process requirement. Key criteria are spot size, surface material type, temperature range and distance from the object.

Easy to install Compact Sensors are ideal for OEM and industrial applications, providing a simple method of non-contact temperature measurement in high speed processes. With measuring ranges of -50°C up to 2200°C, adjustable emissivity, optics giving spot sizes from just 0.6mm, and sensitivity to different infrared wavelengths, they are suitable for most materials. Their small size makes them simple to incorporate on new or existing machinery.  With the smallest sensing heads in the industry, they are perfect for use in hot, cramped and demanding environments.

The High Performance pyrometers have dual laser sighting for exact aiming at the spot to be measured. The two laser beams also pinpoint the size of the spot. Furthermore, the Optris new video models provide simultaneous video alignment and double laser sighting for when viewing conditions are poor.  With measuring ranges of -50°C up to 2200°C, the High Performance series comes with configurable settings including adjustable emissivity.  Short wavelength versions are available for reflective surfaces such as metal. Their superior optical resolution makes them ideal for industrial and OEM applications, and for R&D where precise temperature measurement of the very smallest of spot sizes (0.5mm) is critical. 

Optris handhelds are beneficial for demanding portable measurement tasks such as preventative electrical maintenance, HVAC defect analysis and even molten metals in foundry applications.

Process Parameters is a temperature measurement specialist, happy to help in any way to ensure you get the best quality and reasonably priced sensors.

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