Pressure sensors ensure first aid safety trailer operation

American Sensor Technologies (AST) pressure sensors are serving as components in a remote monitoring system that ensures optimal operations of safety trailers used on remote sites as emergency first aid stations.  

Mining, construction, oil fields and other industrial sites are often located miles away from medical facilities. Nomadic safety trailers are equipped with a variety of first aid equipment to immediately address medical conditions and stabilize an injured person until the arrival of first responders.  To help monitor the readiness of their remote safety trailers, Nomadic uses a monitoring system from Global Monitoring to check the various operating parameters of each trailer. 

Integrated with AST pressure sensors and other transducers installed on the safety trailers, Global Monitoring’s Messenger Remote Monitor  tracks essential operating parameters of  the Nomadic safety trailers on a 24/7 basis including: including water temperature and levels, fuel levels, AC power and generator status. 

AST44LP Series Low Pressure Transducers monitor water levels of tanks installed in the trailers that supply an emergency shower and eyewash station.  As water is dispensed from the emergency shower at a rate of 20 gallons of water per minute and from the eyewash at a rate of 3 -4 gallons of water, Nomadic constantly monitors water level in the 315 gallon water tank so there is always water available for use.  Processing data provided by these Class I, Division I intrinsically safe pressure transmitters, the Messenger Remote Monitor provides periodic status reports to Nomadic Safety on water usage to indicate if trailers must be serviced before regular maintenance.  The Messenger also sends alerts if AST Pressure Sensors indicate that water levels are below pre-programmed points. 

The Messenger Remote Monitor automatically sends updates and service requests to key personnel via satellite as many remote sites do not have adequate cellular service or none at all. The Messenger uses low-Earth-orbit (LEO) communication satellites that orbit just a few hundred miles above the Earth’s surface to provide cost-effective tracking, monitoring and messaging capabilities to and from anywhere in the world.

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