Pressure change

The new VEGABAR 80 pressure transmitter introduces a simpler product range and developments that are making industry take notice. There are three main variants – VEGABAR 82: the all-rounder; flush abrasion and shock resistant ceramic measuring cell. VEGABAR 83: with metallic diaphragm for high pressure. VEGABAR 81 with myriad chemical seals. All are developed according to IEC61508 SIL 2/3.

Shocking news! A new, patented thermal shock compensation system handles sudden, large temperature fluctuations. Normally, it can take sensors quite a while to recover a sensible measurement. With VEGABAR 80, this issue is virtually eradicated, the new direct diaphragm temperature measurement compensates immediately and is accurate enough to be used as a second process value. Sensitive and tough – the new ceramic cell has 200 times overpressure capability with tiny nominal ranges, starting at 25mBar to 1000 bar, it has the accuracy resolution  capability to sense one drop in half a million! For toxic media, a second line of defence option is also available.  The difference is easy – VEGABAR 80 also offers an electronic D.P. system; simply plug a ‘slave’ electronics module into a second sensor for an ‘e-D.P.’ arrangement. This allows all the range features to be utilised for D.P. measurement solutions; no impulse lines, manifolds, cabinets, chemical seals and maintenance. Chose your combination – VEGABAR can now meet almost any pressure application you challenge it with, so if this made you sit up and take notice, contact for a VEGABAR 80 brochure or demo.

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