Precision inertial MEMS sensors offer ultra-high resolution

First Sensor presents a new technology platform to fabricate high precision MEMS inertial sensors for the detection of inclination, acceleration and vibration. The capacitive sensors are based on single crystal silicon and utilize the latest micromachining technology. The devices achieve large signal-to-noise ratios and excellent stability over temperature which allows them to detect smallest changes in acceleration or inclination. Due to high aspect ratio microstructures (HARMS) the sensors feature ultra-low cross axis sensitivities. Further, the patented highly flexible AIM (Air gap Insulated Microstructures) technology minimizes parasitic capacitances.

First Sensor’s dual axis inertial sensors feature superior performance characteristics and excellent price/performance ratios compared to existing devices on the market. The inclinometers offer measurement ranges of ±30 ° and achieve noise densities smaller 0.0004 °/vHz and resolutions smaller 0.0015 ° at 10 Hz measuring frequency. First Sensor’s accelerometers with measurement ranges of ±8 g and ±15 g achieve noise densities smaller 30 µg/vHz and resolutions smaller 95 µg at 10 Hz measuring frequency. Due to the modular semiconductor technology all inertial sensors can be easily and cost-effectively customized to fit individual application requirements. The MEMS capacitive sensing element together with an ASIC for signal conditioning is integrated in a hermetically sealed SMD package ready for assembling on PCB’s. Further, different evaluation boards for easy-to-use read-out of the sensor data are available.

Important features of the new inertial sensor platform:

  • Latest MEMS micromachining technology (HARMS, AIM)
  • Large signal-to-noise ratios
  • Excellent stability over temperature
  • Highly customizable to fit individual application requirements

First Sensor’s new high precision inclinometers and accelerometers can be used in industry, aviation as well as building and medical technology. Typical applications include geoengineering, condition monitoring, inertial navigation systems as well as robotics, alignment and leveling.

About First Sensor

First Sensor is a leading supplier of sensor solutions in the Medical, Industrial, Mobility, and Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services fields. First Sensor develops and manufactures high-quality, customer-specific sensor solutions for the detection of light, radiation, pressure, flow, level and acceleration. The company produces in-house and along the value adding-chain from component to system level. In 2013, First Sensor achieved annual sales of €109 million. Employing more than 750 people, the company is represented at 18 locations around the world.

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