PCB Piezotronics reduces pricing for industrial accelerometers – shear mode quality only £99

PCB Piezotronics has announced reduced pricing for its high quality shear mode industrial accelerometers with units starting at just £99 and delivery available in 5 days.

Ideal for permanent installations and continuous online monitoring systems, model 603C01 is an industrial ceramic shear mode ICP® accelerometer offering 100mV/g from 0.5 to 10 kHz and at £99 is highly competitive. Offering customers superior measurement stability compared with more basic compression mode devices and available from stock, the 603C01 occupies a smaller footprint and lower mass with hermetically-sealed, case-isolated stainless steel housing and high premium quality 2-pin MIL output connector.

PCB’s 603C01 is just one model from a very diverse and versatile family of industrial accelerometers that includes alternative sensitivity, hazardous area approvals and integral cable types. 

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