Pack More Punch with the New PWR-01 power supplies

Telonic Instruments announce the UK release of the new Kikusui PWR-01 series of wide-range benchtop programmable DC power supplies.

The PWR-01 series are versatile instruments with models offering 400W, 800W, and 1200W rated power output with maximum rated voltages up to 650V. Equipped with a 4-times voltage and current variable ratio, making this one of the most versatile range of DC power supplies on the market today, the PWR-01 provides flexible current and voltage for a variety of applications.
Variable internal impedance is a unique new feature that allows for various types of simulations suitable for automotive test and other battery-driven applications as well as solar-panel evaluation.

The PWR-01 is also equipped with a soft-start function that limits the inrush current, minimizing any harmful effects to DUTs such as DC motors. The power supplies are also equipped with ergonomic power setting knobs, allowing the operator to control voltage and current independently, as well as front-facing banana plugs designed for safety and convenience.

The PWR-01 programmable internal-memory feature lets the engineer save custom sequences on the power supply, eliminating the need to access a PC every time a test is conducted.

Synchronized operation allows for more complex sequences over multiple channels for accurate testing of DC/DC converters and other products.

LAN (LXI), USB, and RS-232 interfaces are included as a standard; the PWR can be operated in almost any testing environment via SCPI commands, facilitating system integration.


MODEL      VOLTAGE           CURRENT           POWER      INTERFACE
PWR401L 0-40V 0-40A 400W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR801L 0-40V 0-80A 800W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR1201L 0-40V 0-120A 1200W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR401ML 0-80V 0-20A 400W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR801ML 0-80V 0-40A 800W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR1201ML 0-80V 0-60V 1200W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR401MH 0-240V 0-5A 400W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR801MH 0-240V 0-10A 800W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR1201MH 0-240V 0-15A 1200W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR401H 0-650V 0-1.85 400W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR801H 0-650V 0-3.70 800W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue
PWR1201H 0-650V 0-5.55 1200W LAN,USB,R232,Analogue

Kikusui power supplies are available for both sale and hire from UK based Telonic Instruments Ltd.

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