Overview of Sensor-Technik’s Comprehensive Sensing Products

Sensor-Technik UK manufacture and supply a variety of superior, high-quality electronic sensors that can be successfully integrated into systems, machines and vehicles present in many different industries. This document has been created to provide a concise overview of our wide range of sensor products.


  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Automotive
  • Municipal Vehicles
  • Renewable Energy
  • Construction


  • Low cost for series production
  • Extremely low failure rate, so machine/vehicle downtime is minimised
  • Outstanding measurement accuracy (<0.5% FS)
  • Wide temperature range (-40 to 300° C)
  • High pressure range (up to 3000 bar measurable).
  • Excellent compatibility across many diverse media
  • Rugged construction – most sensors made from mainly stainless steel


M01-CAN – Can-Bus Pressure Sensor

  0 to 1000 Bar Pressure Range

  CANopen / J1939 Interface

IP69 Protection

A08-XHT High-Temp Pressure Sensor                  

0 to 1200 Bar Pressure Range

High Media Temperature (200° C)

IP65 Protection 

NGS2 – Inclination Sensor

Range +/- 180° (Inclinometer)

Range +/- 50° (Gyroscope Sensor)

IP67 / IP69 Protection

Temp Range -40 to +85° C

OEM – Pressure Measurement Cell

0 to 3000 Bar Pressure Range

Temp Range up to 200° C

Thin Film Layers



Model Names:- A08 / A08-XHT / A09 / M01 /F01

All of our Pressure sensors are very robust, each constructed predominantly from stainless steel.

The thin-film pressure sensors we produce are extremely stable over long periods, due to the good combination of the materials used and the manufacturing processes involved. They are highly resistant to shock, vibration and dynamic pressure changes and can be implemented to measure very high pressure ranges.  

 Thin-film sensor applications include hydraulic facilities, control systems and chemical and processing engineering facilities. The F01 sensor is a new addition to our range and is the perfect choice for mobile applications, where safety compliance is the prime consideration.   



Model Names:- A07 / S02 / S04 / TS02 / L03

Our silicon sensors are very good for measuring absolute pressure and very low pressure ranges. These sensors have a very good long-term stability.

Main applications for silicon sensors are for industrial measurement and testing facilities, process control and hydraulic and pneumatic facilities. The L03 pressure sensor has a flush stainless steel diaphragm and is ideally suited for measurement, regulation and controlling functions in the food and beverage industry.



Model Name:- C02

 Our ceramic sensors are available at a relatively low cost and have a very high resistance to corrosion.  

Ceramic sensors are ideal for low power applications designed for long-term field use, such as battery operated equipment. They have also been deployed successfully in pneumatic, hydraulic and chemical systems.



Model Names:- OEM / OPTI

This component comprises the main measuring cell of the standard pressure sensor. The small capsule, which can have a thin-film measuring element made from either NiCr or TiON, can measure up to 3,000 bar pressure and can be welded to stainless steel adaptors.   

Measurement cells can be incorporated into both hydraulic systems and control systems.



Model Name:- M01-CAN

A more specialised sensor, the CAN-Bus pressure sensor  is designed to be integrated into a Controller Area Network.

Off-highway applications – construction, agricultural, municipal – would typically use this type of sensor, but essentially all systems operating within a Controller Area Network would benefit from this product, such as mobile hydraulic systems and industrial applications.



Model Name:- NGS2

The Inclination sensor we manufacture is a combination sensor that measures angular velocity and inclination in 3 axes.

The primary applications for the NGS2 would be for mobile work machines and off-highway vehicles.



Model Name:- T01

Our Temperature sensor is able to measure temperatures from -40° C to +150° C. and is effective for a broad range of demanding applications.

This sensor can be used in mobile machines, industrial vehicles and industrial process control.



Model Name:- IVDMS

The Strain Gauge is used to directly measure the strain directly imposed on equipment and machinery.  The gauge can measure up to 2,200µ m/m. It can be configured with a CAN or current output and has a water ingress protection rating of IP67.

This product is mainly used for mobile applications.


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