NMEA2000 Liquid level sensor provides solution to the marine industry

A new high temperature, capacitive liquid level sensor has been launched by Gill Sensors, UK, offering NMEA2000 compatibility and an integrated electronics temperature range of -40 °C to +125°C.

Originally developed to provide reliable data readings in high temperature operation on hovercraft, the marine liquid level sensor uses Gill’s proven capacitive sensing technology to measure the level of liquid inside a tank.

The latest sensor within the GSlevel range has a true solid-state design offering unrivalled reliability to hovercraft, workboats, inshore vessels and large leisure applications which require dependable level consumption data.

The capacitive measuring principle provides a continuous or ‘step less’ output from full to empty which meaning the operator is always fully informed of exactly how much liquid is in the tank, rather than in quarter step increments.  The materials selected by Gill in the design process means that all GSLevel products offer excellent corrosion resistance and reliable long term operation significantly reducing the cost of ownership and servicing costs.  The Marine liquid level sensor is compatible with fuels and oils as well as electrically conductive mediums such as fresh water, salt water and grey water.

Unlike other sensors, the sensor offers a maximum operating temperature range of +125°C exceeding others in the market. The new sensor is manufactured from marine standard, 316 stainless steel and has been certified to British standards to withstand potential failure caused by excessive temperature, heavy vibration and shock load, ensuring it is well suited to the conditions present in the marine environment.

The sensor offers both SAE 5-bolt and 1.25” thread mounting for easy installation, is available up to 2m long and provides an extremely durable solution to a wide variety of demanding applications which require long term reliability and accurate level measurement.

For more information on the marine liquid level sensor visit www.gillsensors.com/marine sensor or contact 01590 613400.

URL Link: http://www.gillsensors.com/content/gslevel-m-liquid-level-sensor.html

Tel: 01590 613400


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