New U10 Sensor From HBM Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the launch of its new U10 force transducer, which can be used to measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces.

The new U10 sensor, which is rotationally symmetrical and low profile, features an impressive precision with a linearity deviation as low as 0.2 in the entire measuring range, which in turn extends tolerance limits in production processes.

With the ability to adapt to over 4000 configuration possibilities, the U10 force sensor provides users with a flexible solution to a wide range of measurement tasks. Featuring outstanding characteristic values for hysteresis, linearity and reproducibility and repeatability errors, the latest offering from the HBM force transducer range is particularly suitable for use on test benches, material testing machines and challenging tasks in production.

Housed in a welded casing and hermetically encapsulated, the robust U10 force transducer is available in different ratings up to IP68, making it particularly suitable for use outdoors and in applications under adverse weather conditions.

In addition to the new U10, HBM also provide a full range of force sensors and transducers to measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads – with virtually no displacement.

For more information, please contact HBM on +44 (0) 208 515 6000 or visit

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