New range of automated calibrators from Chamois Metrology

The Additel 760, available exclusively from Chamois Metrology in the UK, is a portable automated pressure calibrator in the palm of your hand—this could be our most exciting product yet! The Additel 760 series Automatic Handheld Pressure Calibrator takes portable pressure calibration to new levels. Weighing less than 4 lbs (1.8 kg), the ADT760’s innovative design contains a built-in pump, precision pressure sensor, internal controller and a large touch-screen colour display. To generate pressure, simply key in the desired pressure and the Additel 760 will do the rest. Each unit has four channels: one internal pressure channel for source and measure pressures, two external pressure measurement channels, and one electrical measure and source channel. This series of calibrator has three standard models with the option of adding HART communications, documenting and data logging. 


The 760-LLP is designed for low pressure calibration and comes with a built-in pressure module to ±75 mbar (±30 inH2O) and provides an accuracy to 0.05%FS  Additional internal pressure modules are available and provide a variety of ranges down to ±0.62 mbar (±0.25 inH2O). The accuracy of 0.05%FS and control stability 0.005%FS is based on the internal module’s span. Measurements can be made in gauge or differential mode.


The 760-D gives you differential and gauge pressure but at a higher pressure range than the ADT760-LLP. Covering the range of -0.86 to 2.5 bar (-12.5 to 35 psi) and with an accuracy of 0.02%FS, the ADT760-D is an ideal solution to cover very common gauge and differential pressure measurements. The Additel 760-D comes with an internal module covering its full range, but lower pressure configurations down to ±25mbar (±10 inH2O) differential can be supplied to improve accuracy at lower pressures.


The 760-MA generates and controls pressure from vacuum pressures up to 20 bar.g (300 psig) with an accuracy of 0.02%FS. Equipped with a built-in barometric reference, each unit can switch between gauge and absolute pressure types. A variety of internal sensors are available which offer lower pressure ranges for improved performance.

Documenting Process Functionality 

Each model of the Additel 760 series has an option incorporating documentation and communication functions turning your 760 into a multifunction documenting process calibrator. This feature provides HART communication, task documentation and data logging.

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