New options for in-line accelerometer signal conditioning

DJB Instruments (UK) has announced the first of a range of new product launches in 2017. The QV/04 in-line signal conditioner joins the QV/02 and replaces the outgoing QV/01. All products in the QV range of in-line converters provide charge/voltage conversion when supplied with a standard IEPE supply current in the range of 4 to 20mA. The low impedance line drive maintains signal integrity even over distances of several hundred metres, requiring minimal configuration to interface with vibration analysers and data acquisition systems.

The QV/04 offers a solution for all applications. Its small size and low mass are ideal for compact multi-channel solutions, both rugged and flexible offering the most compact solution on the market today. This low package size minimises mass effect on cables when installed into the signal cable lines.


  • Thick film hybrid charge/voltage converter housed in stainless steel body

  • 10/32 UNF microdot connector on input and output

  • Suitable for high temperature operation up to 185°C

  • Lightweight, weighing only 20gm

  • The QV/04 is suited to most applications involving piezoelectric sensors requiring long cables.

The QV/04 is available with a range of gain options to suit a variety of different charge output accelerometers. 


  • QV/04-0.1 = 0.1mV/pC gain

  • QV/04-1 = 1mV/pC gain

  • QV/04-10 = 10mV/pC gain

Neill Ovenden, DJB’s managing director, said of the launch: “We had a busy 2016 working on a fairly comprehensive new product launch plan for 2017, the QV/04 is the first of many products and although it seems simple it offers the most compact solution for in-line signal conditioning currently on the market. As always with DJB products we are proud to continue the growth of our UK based manufacturing in a market otherwise dominated by the USA suppliers.”

If you have a challenging application that would benefit from high temperature accelerometers or have a new requirement looming please get in touch, the more information we have about requirements the better we are placed to develop the right solutions.

DJB Instruments UK Ltd Sales +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email

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