New battery powered indicators provide switching, on screen messaging and datalogging functions

New battery powered indicators provide switching, On Screen messaging and Datalogging Functions.

  • DM650TM temperature indicator accepts both Pt100 and Thermocouple temperature probes

  • DM650PM pressure indicator measures pressure and temperature up to 100 bar

Housed in a plastic (ABS) IP67 enclosure, the instrument is also equipped with a volt free change over relay contact. The user may select relay actions of switch high, switch low and also includes deviation, with fully adjustable set point and hysteresis. The relay can be linked to switch on the process value or can be linked to battery condition if required.

The instrument displays the process value on a 6-digit LCD display and offers an additional advanced display mode allowing the user to display not only the process value, but one or two (1 – 32) scrolling character messages. This feature is further enhanced by the ability to link display messages to the alarm set point of the relay or battery condition.

The DM650 range also provides a powerful data logger function and relay state information. The NFC android interface allows contactless data transfer from the DM650 to android phones or tabs. Using the free downloadable App, the data can be graphed and or forwarded by email. The NFC interface is also capable of starting a new log with different log period and modes.

Application Example – DM650TM for more detail click here

The control system is monitoring the bearing temperature of the pump.  The DM650TM is also measuring the bearing temperature and provides a visual and audio alarm for an operator to activate the manual shut down for bearing over temperature. Alternatively the DM650TM can  be linked direct to the shutdown switch.  The DM650 can also be set to record the bearing temperature via the inbuilt datalogger.

Application Example DM650PM for more detail click here

The DM650PM is measuring the water level in the tank via pressure. When the level is above the minimum then the rainwater is sent to the irrigation system. If the water goes below a min level, then the DM650PM send a signal to the valve to switch to the mains water supply.

The DM650 can also be set to record the tank level via the inbuilt datalogger.

There are also DM650 products for Humidity and temperature, and voltage and current.

You can see the full range here

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